Well folks, we stand at the door of the New Year. So many people tell me they are glad to see the back of the old, for various reasons like health problems, family, financial worries, friends that disappoint. The list goes on. For some it was a good year and that’s great. How was yours? Are you looking forward to blasting into 2019 with energy and vigour? Wonderful!

I guess much is our frame of mind. Are we positive or negative? Do we look for the best in situations, or are we constantly on the defensive? I have friends who are their own worst enemies; they moan and groan and whatever goes wrong is not their fault. Look in the mirror! No don’t, you might, like me, see a figure you don’t recognise! Me, I’m still 16 until I stare into that blasted mirror and see this stooped old geezer who looks so weary and careworn. Come on, let’s hear an ‘Ahhhh’ to make me feel better. Oh well, worth a try!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’. Good old Monty Python. Why do I keep writing ‘old’? Am I becoming obsessed? If you are a person who always looks on the bright side of life, good on ya. Personally, I am a born pessimist, believing that occasionally I may be pleasantly surprised but never disappointed. Ha, that’s a joke; never disappointed! Being pleasantly surprised now and again would be a bonus! Oh well, what the hell.

I am so happy that I am a Christian because my Faith gives me so much hope. I know; yes I know that there is a loving God who laughs at me and gives me a good kick up the backside when necessary. I don’t just believe; I know. I can’t prove it, but I don’t have to. Christ died for me on that Cross; ME and YOU. God loves us so much that He sent His Son into this miserable old (there I go again) world to save us from ourselves; the greatest achievement known to the world because there was no other way. Even daft old (sorry, young) me can understand that.

Wishing you everything you hope for in 2019. May it be a good New Year.

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Rev Andrew