I guess you all need cheering up. Recent events and news seem to have affected even my well-known sense of humour. I was talking on Zoom the other day to a friend about how depressing the news is and I admitted that the previous evening I couldn’t stand watching the UK news and enjoyed old episodes of Only Fools and Horses instead. We all need some light-hearted input in these dark depressing times.

I’m not a shrinking violet; far from it. I’m fairly tough, seen most of life’s nonsense and how low people can behave. As a playwright and author I make up plots and explore the realms of fiction. Honestly, I couldn’t make up the stuff that is happening in the world at the moment. If I submitted a play or novel with these events as the plot, producers and publishers would say “Sorry, your plot is too unlikely. It could never happen.”
OK, so what can I write to cheer you up? If you are a Christian, lots. If not, tough! You have got to find your own salvation and I hope you do; truly. Some have a glowing attitude to their faith; everything is wonderful and all you need to do is believe. Fine; just don’t believe in governments and those supposed to know everything and make it all better for everyone. This brings us to the little people; you and me. There are still millions of good folk out there who care and help their neighbours. Surely that cheers us up and gives us hope. I will still watch the news, rejoicing in the good which overcomes all the darkness and the lies and idiocy which make you want to chuck something at the TV screen. Then you remember how much a new TV costs! Apparently Elvis used a six-shooter to shoot out his TV screen when he got annoyed, but there again he had the dollars to cover such impetuous action. There is a moral there somewhere.

I’m going to end with the simple words of the hymn ‘What a Friend we have in Jesus’. Oh yeah you dimwit, dream on I can hear some of you groaning. Doesn’t make the words any less hopeful or any less true. They are the reality of my everyday existence. We need a friend who is honest and faithful, tells it like it is, even when we block our ears and much more; who forgives our sins to the point of dying for us on that cruel Cross. So we can be blameless in the Father’s eyes.

I’d love to talk with you, confidentially. Not to convert you, but to share our life experiences. I guess you won’t bother, but God loves a trier … hope springs eternal.

We do a short worship service every week from The Olive Grove Retreat in Calasparra and I can send you the link if you wish to view:
ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or ring 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and God bless you

Rev Andrew