Hi folks, it will soon be St Valentine’s Day. Come on guys; get romantic, give flowers and/or chocolates – to the lovely lady in your life; even the wife!  They reckon the older we get the less romantic we are. Couldn’t possibly comment! I guess we get to rely on those close to us; always there – predictable, but reliable.

Jean and I just got a shock – turned on the news and heard that Diane Oxberry passed away at the age of 51. Diane was a broadcaster for 25 years and those from the Northwest UK will have seen her presenting the weather forecast on the news from that region. She was always there; so pleasant and became a friend on our screens.

The price of love is the tears we leave behind. There is still a lot of love in this sad, dark old world. We see it every day. Oh yeah, there are many stinkers still around, but when the chips are down the kind, loving people stand out and shine in our lives from near and far. Thank God. This spurs me on to want to make a difference (though a passionate Liverpool supporter).

I am still here in Calasparra waiting for you guys to get in touch and say hello. Oh some do and our congregation is growing. You don’t have to be a practising Christian or want to come to a service. You may just be a person who needs to talk ‘cos I‘m a very good understanding listener who keeps his mouth shut!

Enough of my virtues! I hold Anglican services in English (well sorta English) every Sunday at 11am in my chapel in Calasparra, mixed with my sense of humour which has kept me going my whole long life.

If you need a priest to take a funeral sympathetically, or conduct a Wedding Blessing or whatever, please do get in touch.

Tel 634 386 179
‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew