How are you doing? Good I hope, or at least coping. As we progress through life, we look back – if only this; if only I’d done that … well it’s never too late I guess. Big stuff is difficult and outside our control. Us, well we can still change things for the better, even though time isn’t on our side.

I was thinking (again) the other day of when I was a young man. Ha, a long time ago! When I lived in Norway I took weekly trips to London once or twice a year; just to walk the streets, savour the atmosphere and enjoy what was going on in the metropolis. I usually arrived on a Saturday and on Sunday afternoon went to Hyde Park Corner to listen to the speakers. I never missed listening to Lord Soper the Methodist minister. Rain or shine, there he was perched on a stepladder in an old leather jerkin, challenging the crowd. One guy jeered “Take a step backwards!”, but he shot back with a fitting reply.

One particular Sunday afternoon, church life weighed heavily on my shoulders. As I listened to Donald, this verse from Romans 8 came into my mind, giving me great hope and reassurance: “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Not much has changed in my opinion of churches, almost half a century later! I am maybe wiser, but I am still questioning. It is all in my book Holy Inadequate to be published soon; my journey through faith and churches. You can pre-order this on Amazon; just type in the title and Andrew H Rea.

Life is relentless isn’t it? Like swimming in a pool, you go under but keep coming up. That is the human spirit. We WILL overcome friends – always, although sometimes we may feel like we’re in too deep. The global picture is changing – again. We are reminded that we are little cogs in a massive machine. Helpless? Rock On! We can do it, even against all the odds- together.

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‘Bye for now and God bless you

Rev Andrew