Are you suffering from information overload?

We get bombarded every day by information and some need a decision. Some of it just floats uncomfortably round our head, but it affects our thinking. We live in an age of swirling information and often want to sit quietly and wish it would all go away. Leave me alone, go away, leave me in peace!

Of course we can refuse to get involved, but if you have an enquiring mind like me you are afraid of missing something; in it pours, whirring away, shattering our peace.

Easter is upon us; for many a very different Eastertide.

Can we meet family and friends?

Who has had the vaccine? Will we ever get it? Dose one, dose two and then top-ups; possibly every year like the ‘flu vaccine.

We wonder where the next pandemic will come from and what it will be.

Oh joy!

Rock on!

Give me certainty – when I turn the tap on water comes out (unless occasionally it doesn’t).

When I press the light switch in the dark, the light comes on (unless there’s a power cut).

Here at The Olive Grove Retreat in Calasparra we do a short weekly service. We record on Wednesdays and I publish to our Facebook page on Thursdays for the following Sunday. For Sunday 14th March I talked about light and darkness. You can watch it if you look at our Facebook page – just type into Google: olive grove retreat calasparra and click on ‘News’.

That’s what Easter should be about; remembering that God loves us so much that He gave His Son Jesus to be crucified for all the wrong we do and on Easter morn it manifested the resurrection to give us eternal hope. 

Many don’t want to ‘turn on the Light’; they think living in darkness is better. Personally I want ‘to walk in the Light’; live in the hope that when I dance the Last Waltz I will be welcomed into eternal Light; to know perfect Love and Peace. In all my struggles here on earth, the Light has never let me down; it never will. I can’t prove it; only experience it.

I wish you a peaceful and inspiring Easter. The switch is always accessible. Try turning it on. How? A few quiet words. ‘Here I am Lord; battered and bruised. I want to know you. Please come into my heart’. If the words are genuine, seeking, the door will be opened. The Light will shine brightly. That’s a promise.

If you would like a quiet, confidential chat I’m always available:  or ring 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and Happy Easter

Rev Andrew