Ida, Chairperson of the Harlequin Rock Choir asked members to send her details of their fondest memories as a choir member and their favourite songs the choir sing. The following is a fond memory from Alyson Garrick.

My favourite night in 2019 was singing with the Harlequin Rock Choir at the Tanatoria at Christmas. It was a frosty night with a big silvery moon and a little sparkle on the ground as we walked from the warmth of the car towards the modern structure in Mazarrón. Light was pouring out of the windows and doors up ahead, making us hopeful of the warmth inside. The air was crisp and clean and we breathed out foggy clouds into the darkness of the night. The only sound was the gravel crunching under our feet as we walked. It was magical. I paused alone for a moment to look at the stars, soaking it all in before entering the busy lobby.

Smiling hosts and Christmas music welcomed us in and we fill out names of departed loved ones on stars to hang on the huge tree. What a wonderful way to honour our dear departed at this time of year. It was brilliant. I was quite busy filling out stars and shedding small tears for the people I missed so much, but I was so grateful for the opportunity to remember them all in this special way.

I was late to my seat and so squeezed in between my dear friends; two chairs for three of us! Cosy! I was happy to be with them and so thankful for their friendship. The Harlequin Rock Choir people are, without a doubt, the most welcoming and supportive group of people. I love them all.
Yes it was warm in there and after peeling off some layers of clothing we all joined in the singing. We sang our hearts out whilst remembering our lost loved ones. We sang and sang; loud and clear. To my astonishment I remembered all the words to every Christmas Carol! The whole evening felt like being wrapped in a favourite warm fuzzy blanket of love and affection. There was food and drink to finish the evening off too.
It was rapturous.

As we walked back to the car, I paused and looked up again. It was a ‘Good King Wenceslas’ evening. In that clear, frosty night, I felt – exhilarated. We had come together as one, to honour our ancestors and show them that they are always in our hearts.

It was as close to a religious experience as I have ever had. The moon and stars were smiling down on us.

I can’t wait to do it again.

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