The February Windows 10 update fixed a bunch of security issues highlighting how important it is to keep your devices up to date regularly!

Don’t panic though…..whenever there is an update available you will be prompted by your computer to ‘shut down and update’. Please do so to allow the update to be installed. 

In preparation for updates, it’s good practice to follow these steps:

1. Make a backup!  Updates are very important so you need to do them, but they can sometimes glitch out. Fixing an update that has not worked properly is nowhere near as hard as recovering data that has been lost. Please do a backup regularly of anything important to you. Remember….your last backup is your worst-case scenario, so don’t make it your worst nightmare.

2. Make sure you have a full battery or are plugged in. Sometimes updates can take a little while so it’s best to leave your computer to it. Interrupting an update is never a good idea, so make sure it’s got power and you can leave it alone for a while. Your computer will shut down when it’s done, so leaving it doing its update procedure overnight is OK.

3. Updates can have two parts to them: once when you shut down and once when you start up again, in which case you will probably have a bit of time when you start it up where it will finish the update. If you don’t want to risk a delay on another day, choose ‘restart’ and ‘update’ instead of ‘shut down’ and ‘update’. Just remember your computer will turn on instead of shut down when its finished the update, so only do this if you are around to shut it down later, or intend to use it (after dinner etc)

Updates can be a pain….we get it….we really do! We share your groans of frustration when we turn on for the day and see that dreaded windows is updating screen….BUT…. it really is important to let your computer do its thing. Updates really do fix a lot of very important issues that if ignored could mean your computer has a one way trip to the great computer shop in the sky.