I’m getting flashbacks; ‘Facebook algorithm has changed AGAIN. AGAIN THIS TIME IT’S DEFINITELY HAPPENED and is limiting your posts to 25 friends. It’s a real thing; share this and like and comment and fix it!’ (Some paraphrasing there!)

Facebook DOES have an algorithm that is often changing;

but it has not changed how many friends you see, or who sees you in any way that is as extreme as a limit of 25. There is no ‘magic fix’ for the Facebook algorithm.  It is how Facebook monitors trends which is used to drive their marketing sales which is revenue used to keep it free! It does change frequently, but similar to the terms of service hoax, you can’t change your Facebook settings by copy pasting into your status. 

Why is it a hoax if it works?

Simply because any post can have the same results.  A popular post, eg a baby scan or wedding photo, will gather more likes and comments, so Facebook shows it to more people, who in turn like and comment and it continues to be seen by more people. When your post interactions drop because people don’t continue to like and comment on everything you post, you will be back to square one, so boosting a post that has nothing to do with you serves no purpose. 

Are we doomed to the same friends seeing our posts?

Yes and no. Making the most out of your feed is as simple as liking and commenting on your friends’ posts and changing your timeline settings to most recent (3 dots next to news feed). You will still see trending popular posts from friends, but now a selection of the most recent posts are shown. Other than popular posts, you can help people see your posts by tagging friends in posts you want them to see.  The more they interact with you, the more they will see from you. 

Facebook does not and has no plans to show you every single post from everyone, so the algorithm will be here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

Rather than copy pasting a bit of random text that holds no meaning, visit your friends on their timelines and get liking and commenting. You will have better results and catch up in the meantime.