Sharing photos couldn’t be easier nowadays if you use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but what you may not know is that both of those apps will downgrade the quality of the photo in the process.

If you’re just viewing it on your screen, then you likely won’t even notice the difference, but if you send some family photos to get printed via those apps, or want to send a magazine your business advert for them to print, you’ll have a fairly blurry picture come out and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

How do we resolve this problem?

Generally speaking the solution is to send them in a way that doesn’t compress them, such as email. Be sure to attach the image using the paper clip icon as this preserves the quality.

Another way to send things in their original quality is to first store them in a good service provider, such as Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, or Apple iCloud. In those apps, you can select the photo and choose an option for ‘sharing’. The share options will give you a link which you can copy into an email for the recipient to open and download the photo.

The beauty of doing it the second way is that it will also serve as a backup of the photos. In the case your device stops working, you won’t have lost anything.

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