When the good weather comes there is an increase of certain processes in our pets because of the rise of temperatures.

animal-mattersOne of the most important things to remember if you are taking your dog or cat in the car is to make sure the windows are left open. If you are going to be away from the car for any length of time DO NOT leave an animal in there. It does not take long for heat to build up in a car during the summer months and animals can die of heat stroke very quickly.

Skin Disorders

There is often an increase of the skin disorders, mainly produced by ectoparasites as ticks and fleas, as well as dermatitis with allergic component and bacterial infections as piodermas during the summer months. There can also be an increase of external otitis, so we recommend the regular use of quality external antiparasitic medication as well as the preventive use of certain shampoos and in extreme cases the cleaning of the ear duct, especially in breeds prone to suffer from external otitis.

Sun and Heat

Obese and older animals and those which suffer from chronic cardiopulmonary diseases can experience a worsening of their clinical conditions during the heat. Walking in the hours of maximum sun and intense exercise should be avoided. These animals should be kept in well aired areas without too much heat. Heat stroke is a major problem. It is a serious and extreme situation that may cause the death of the animal if you do not act quickly. To avoid this, intense exercise should not be done at hours of maximum heat and never leave animals inside the cars under the sun. Races such as bulldogs are very prone to suffer from these processes so special care should be taken. Make sure that there is always plenty of fresh water available.


Gastroenteritis from infections and alimentary toxinfections may also increase due to the consumption of raw food exposed to environmental temperatures. We recommend using dry food during the summer and avoid to letting the animal free when walking to avoid eating food that might be in a bad state.


There is an increase of the number of emergencies during the busy months due to an increase in the number of people around and certain activities. There are a great number of traumas for traffic accidents and fights with other animals during the summer months and it is common to see dogs with things such as fishing hooks in parts of their bodies, reactions or hypersensitivity to insect bites and burrs or grass seeds in their ears or between their toes. These may all need veterinary treatment to avoid your pet having problems later on.

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