Christmas Came Early

On 19th December, members and guests travelled to Aguilon Golf to play the monthly competition.

Due to the many societies who like to play this course we did not tee off until late morning. Some members thought it was good to be able to have a lie in, whereas others thought that it might get dark before they had finished! The weather was bright sunny and warm and with little or no wind, the scoring looked set to be high.

The one problem with Aguilon being so popular is that it can take up to five hours to get around the course, especially when following slow players. However, we all made it back to the club house for a Christmas drink and to check the score cards before it got dark.

3rd place with a total of 34 points was Mike Renshaw.

2nd place with a total of 36 points was Norrie Bull, but the winner was Geoff Sharp (pictured) with a total of 38 points.

Needless to say, the members enjoyed the announcement that the handicap secretary – Geoff – would have to cut his own handicap.

Christmas really did come early for Geoff, as he won both of the Nearest the Pin competitions as well!

The February game is to be held on 27th at Lorca.

Any members and guests interested should contact the secretary Jim Niblo.

Happy golfing for 2019.

Geoff Sharp