by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, holistic gardeners and authors living in Spain for 25 years.

Most expatriates buy properties in Spain with a very different lifestyle in mind from the one they experienced previously. They envisage a more open-air lifestyle to make the most of the generally dry warm and healthy climate. However, this is only possible if the garden is designed and constructed to support this.

For instance:

  • The provision of shade from the hottest suns and shelter from the coldest winds show the extreme temperatures are very different from the average temperatures often quoted by tourist boards, estate agents and persons attempting to sell their house privately.
  • The provision of good sized covered and open terraces for when the family or friends visit for meals or to partake in hobby activities or games.
  • An interesting network of paths that do not turn boggy after monsoon-like rainfalls.
  • Colourful perfumed and productive plants with minimum monthly maintenance needs, especially if you plan a busy working or social life.
  • Safe for both young and elderly.
  • A swimming pool located and surrounded by a low-leaf drop mini garden so that it is not the dominating feature of the garden.
  • Cooking features beyond a barbecue so that al fresco meals can be organised daily in good weather without the style of eating becoming boring.
  • A collection of fruit trees and facilities to grow at least a few ecological fruit and vegetables.
  • Thick boundary hedges for privacy and hideaways for nesting birds.
  • Trees that not only provide shade, but also hide surrounding houses and possibly local eyesores.
  • A challenge for the dedicated gardener/s in the family.
  • A garden that looks great from wherever one stands or sits at all times of the year, for with an outdoor lifestyle you will live within it and not just view it through rain splashed windows as so often happens in northern Europe.
  • Hideaways for peaceful reads and siestas.
  • Areas for children and grandchildren to play safely without constant supervision.
  • Matches all aspects of the lifestyle that you foresee in both the short and longer term. The latter is very important if you are to be happy with your purchase.

gardening-retirement-bookWhen we wrote the first edition of our practical and comprehensive book ‘Your Garden in Spain’, the subtitle was ‘Practical ideas for gardens that suit your Spanish lifestyle’. Some years later, our publisher Santana Books asked us to split the book into four in order to expand the chapters on growing fruit and vegetables and the development of gardens on apartment terraces and balconies. To differentiate the new edition of ‘Your Garden in Spain’, the subtitle of the new one, but an essential chapter in both is Chapter 2.1 ‘Design the garden to match your lifestyle’, which includes an easy to follow self questionnaire to help you clarify your lifestyle needs. We suggest that anyone who asks for assistance or coaching in designing or redesigning their gardens to first read the book and then complete the questionnaire. Do so yourself before investing another euro in the garden.

Our books can be obtained from high street and internet bookshops including Amazon, The London Book Depository, Bookworld and our publisher Santana Books.

If you are retiring to Spain, a recent booklet published by Amazon Kindle ‘Your Practical Guide To Having A Great Retirement’ could also be useful. If you are interested in a hard copy as a retirement present contact us via our website