As I am writing this article, the news is dominated by the horrific aftermath of the two earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Watching the TV coverage, no-one can help but feel such deep sympathy for the people caught up in this terrible disaster. We see pictures of the devastation and witness the dedication of those trying to help, but we can only imagine the grief and hopelessness of those seeking their loved ones still lost amongst the rubble.

The Turkish government stated that they hoped to have everyone rehoused by the end of the year, but just the process of demolishing the existing unsafe structures and clearing away the debris surely will take many months in itself.  Then, where will they rebuild?  Probably in the same unsafe places which have already been affected, but this time, hopefully, with the correct building regulations required in earthquake-prone areas, to ensure the structures will not be so vulnerable in the future. 

We have witnessed several miracles of both adults and children being pulled alive from under collapsed buildings, so let us all pray that both the Turkish and Syrian people will be able to not only rebuild their homes, but their lives as well.

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