We have all been cooped up in the confines of our homes with just the occasional trip to the supermarket for a few months now. Life as we knew it has been put on hold, businesses are struggling and many families and groups are not able to meet, so social interaction has been limited.

Meanwhile our planet is thriving. Wildlife is able to roam more freely, pollution levels have decreased significantly as people have spent less time in vehicles, offices and factories have been closed. All these things mean the air is cleaner and visibility is greater. The rivers have clearer cleaner water. Fish and river life are thriving. I read that even in Venice the canal water is much cleaner and shoals of fish can now be seen; something that was not possible before COVID-19 lockdown.

Maybe it is time for us all to think about how we can come to a better way of saving our planet. We are all human. We are all facing differing elements of life that affect everyone regardless of status. Some are completely isolated; some have lost their jobs; some are suffering with crippling anxiety. We are all facing different things, but now, more than ever, we need to make sure to look after each other, our community and our planet.
As Christians, we believe that God made this earth for us and all the wild life to live on. He asked us to take care of it the earth and all the animals and plants. Let us do that!

A friend was involved in the knitting for Rosa Caritas that I organised as something to keep our minds and fingers occupied during the lockdown. Jenny was stuck in Spain and was a prolific knitter and as fast as I could supply the wool, she was returning beautifully knitted garments. As a gift to St Nicholas Church, Jenny crocheted a double bed throw to be raffled and raise funds. Many many thanks to Jenny.

Please remember in your prayers for all the children & grandchildren and their teachers who will be starting back to school. Keep them all safe.
Chris Leiper