Another month has gone by and the heat of the summer is almost gone. Summer visitors are on their way home to face life with COVID-19 restrictions.

Many of our friends are returning to the UK permanently to enjoy the rest of their lives with new adventures and experiences. A long-time member, Pauline Ford, left Spain on Tuesday 8th September. Pauline and her husband came to Spain in 2002, moving into their villa in October 2005. Sadly, Pauline & Chris had only been in the villa for a few months when Chris was taken ill and sadly died. Pauline decided to stay in Spain as their plan had been to travel; very brave. Together with friends she managed to see quite a lot of Spain. She made a lot of friends on Camposol and enjoyed many social events and outings with various groups. Chris, Pauline’s husband, formed the Crescendo Choir and Pauline was nominated to be the page turner for the pianist. Pauline, not a singer herself, found great comfort to have a strong support group after Chris died. Pauline continued with the choir for several years. She joined St Nicholas Church the year after Chris died and quickly became a helper with the Sunday School. She also helped and enjoyed bingo and other events which helped with the fund raising for the St Nicholas Church building we have now. Again, one of the things Pauline was grateful for was the friendship and support she received from Church members. Pauline was one of the founder ladies to start up Ladies Chatterbox and had the honour of naming the group.

Pauline joined MABS in 2007 and has helped out ever since, mainly with fund raising for a very good cause. She says she has only played a small part, but admires the work done by the other hard workers. I think you will all agree with me when I say Pauline may say she only played a small part, but she was one of the constants; always there helping whenever and however she could, always preferring a background role. These people are the back bone of all groups.

Pauline wishes to thank all her friends and church family for all their love and support. From all of us at St Nicholas Church; Pauline we will miss you, but we wish you a full and happy life in the UK. Some ladies from St Nicholas Church were able to meet up for a lunch with Pauline.

This is the time of year for Harvest Festival. Usually we are gathering together to celebrate God’s bountiful gifts which are still there for us all to enjoy.

Rev Val Caffyn continues with the morning service each Sunday at 10.30am. You can see it on St Nicholas Church Facebook page.
Meanwhile due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not able to hold services in Church.
Chris Leiper