On Sunday 25th August we had a lovely shared lunch to welcome back Rev Bill Coyle after his successful hip operation.  It is always a pleasure to share food with friends.

We had our Annual BBQ on September 13th and our Harvest Festival is on October 6th  


It was suggested some months ago that it would be nice if we made a Poppy Cascade for Remembrance Sunday, so the ladies of St Nicholas Church and ladies of Camposol and the surrounding area have been busy knitting the Poppies to enable us to do this.

The Poppies will remind us of all who lost their lives in the various wars. These are red for human lives and purple for the animals. The Poppies will cascade down from the roof of the church. A wreath of Poppies has also been made which will be laid in the Memorial Park, Camposol A on Monday 11th November.  A big thank you to everyone who has helped to create this Poppy Cascade. It has been a memorable task for all involved. On October 27th at 10.30am a service will be held at St Nicholas Church for the inauguration of the Poppy Cascade. The service is open to everyone. 

September is a month that brings back many memories and the talk of Gota Frias fills many of us with dread. A few years ago the base of the bridge over the rambler on Camposol was severely damaged. It was possible to cross on foot but not by car.  Some houses on Camposol D suffered flooding the likes of which many of us had never witnessed before and of course we have now had another Gota Fria which has affected so many people in the area.

Life often throws something unexpected at us.  The key is how we react when these unexpected events come along. Although these things were dreadful, I believe that they helped to build on the community spirit that we on Camposol are so very proud of. We all pulled together helping each other; offering strangers lifts, taking others to the shops, doctors etc, or picking up church members who lived at the other side of the bridge, then back again after the church service. This recent event showed even more of this community spirit with people helping those not even living on Camposol.

The Bible teaches that humans are threefold; body mind and spirit. We are reasonably good at looking after the first two, but we often fail to understand the third, often only recognising its importance when it is broken. How do you react when life throws you a skew ball? To deal with problems, we first have to know ourselves. For me, I need time on my own to think and to pray for God’s guidance and comfort. We all deal with crisis in our own individual way.  Perhaps we have responsibilities that need our immediate attention, but it is important to realise that at some point we must attend to our needs. If we do not, then our ability to meet our responsibilities and others expectations will be significantly reduced.

My personal challenge this Autumn is one I also encourage you to take part in:

Find the time for YOU

Allow yourself the space to discover what makes you tick, what gives your life purpose and honestly ask yourself, whether there is anything that you have ignored that may need addressing. 

My faith is based on the belief that Jesus came to earth that I may have life and live to its fullness. If that is true for me, then it is also true for you.

Services for October – 10.30am

Sunday 6th Songs of Praise and Harvest Festival

Sunday 13th Holy Communion

Sunday 20th Morning Prayer

Sunday 27th Holy Communion and displaying the Poppy Cascade

Chris Leiper