The year is rushing by with November arriving once more. This month has traditionally been one of Remembrance over the years.  Obviously November 11th is when we particularly think of all those whose lives have been sacrificed to war.  It is not just the two World Wars which are commemorated in the services taking place in so many countries, but all the conflicts since then too. This year our thoughts and prayers will also be with the victims, both military and civilian, men, women and children, caught up in their fight for freedom in the Ukraine. The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II will also, no doubt, be commemorated at these Remembrance services, whether taking place in the UK or here in Spain.

Our services at St Nicholas are ones in which we remember ALL of our loved ones, no matter how or when they died, in the distant past, or in recent times.

We Will Remember Them.

I wrote this poem last year, for Remembrance Sunday and would like to share it with you all today.


Sometimes I think of you
When the sun is shining bright.
Sometimes I think of you
In the middle of the night.

Sometimes I think of you
When I hear a certain song.
Sometimes I think of you
When something has gone wrong.

Sometimes I think of you
When blossom fills the air.
Sometimes I think of you
When all the trees are bare.

Sometimes I think of you
When walking in the rain.
Sometimes I think of you
When someone calls your name.

Sometimes I think of you
When a memory appears.
Sometimes I think of you
With laughter or tears.

Now if you add up all these sometimes
I’m sure that you will find,
There is never a sometime
When you are not on my mind.

Now I would like to send a huge Thank You to everyone who attended our recent Nostalgia Shows, held in St Nicholas Church. The Singalong group thoroughly enjoyed each performance.  We appreciated the organising skills of both Stuart and Betty Hill and the time and effort put in by every person who took part and helped in any way.  Of course it wouldn’t have been the great success it was if our wonderful audiences had not come along to support us and join in the singing. You all did so well! Thank You once again.

Services for November

English speaking services are held each Sunday at 11am. Whilst those in German are at 4pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday.

6thSongs of Praise

13thA Service of Remembrance

20thHoly Communion

27thMorning Prayer

We look forward to seeing you at our services, where a warm welcome awaits everyone.


Rev Mo