Hello Friends,

2020 has been a difficult year and many of us have experienced an absolute roller coaster of emotions – ranging from fear and anxiety, to sadness and grief.

When chatting with a friend and thinking of the different attitudes that people have with regard to the current COVID-19 situation, some are frightened of going out; others are in denial that there is a problem; others are strictly adhering to all advice given to us.

What is the right way to act?

This made us think of that verse in Proverbs 22 verse 3; “The shrewd person sees the danger and conceals himself, but the naïve keep right on going. A wise man, whose eyes are in his head, will look about him and before him and he will be cautious and careful of his conduct and behaviour when danger appears.”

God said it twice to make sure we get the concept. This virus is an evil that we should all be protecting ourselves and others from.

We can feel helpless at such times of national and international turmoil, but we are not helpless. We can talk to one another and listen to each other, especially to those who do not share our own views. We can be open to being changed and we can pray. 

Be wise! Be safe! Let’s all be in Church or meeting in our groups when this storm is passed. 

See the photo of The Poppy Cascade that many ladies so generously gave of their time to complete last year, knitting poppies and stitching them on to a backing to make a magnificent Poppy Cascade.

I am delighted to tell you that the Poppy Cascade will be put to good use this year by Green Fingers Gardening Group. It will be used as part of their Remembrance Display and can be seen at the bottom of the dual carriageway on Camposol Lower C, near the river bed. Green Fingers make an amazing display each year. Let’s hope the Poppy Cascade helps to make it even better this year. Green Fingers have always supported our Bi-Annual Flower Festival, so we are really happy to support them.

Rev Val Caffyn is doing amazing work videoing a service each Sunday at 10.30am. If you would like to watch, you will find it on St Nicholas Church Facebook page. 

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not able to hold services in Church.

Chris Leiper