“Keep off the coke!”

No, it wasn’t a drugs warning, but our irate school caretaker. I doubt if any of the pupils at All Saints’ Junior School lived up to that name.  We weren’t really naughty; we just saw the pile of boiler fuel as a challenge. Our own little Everest to be conquered. But Mr Franklin saw the danger and did his best to keep us safe.  

Why is it that when told no, we somehow cannot resist doing the opposite?  How many times have we reached out to touch the woodwork when a notice clearly states Wet Paint?   A child told they are too young to wash and dress themselves will love to prove you wrong. Saying no often spurs them on, it works better than an argument!  But ladies take note, tell a husband he can’t help with the house-work and he will take you at your word!

We are entering Lent, the 40 days between Shrove Tuesday and Easter, when people traditionally gave up meat and other luxury foods to live on plain fare during that time. Chocolate, cakes or biscuits are favourites to forego these days. But what is the reason? It was thought that by going without things we like, we would concentrate on the true meaning of Good Friday and Easter, preparing ourselves for it. Unfortunately, this often has an adverse effect. We are like children, the more we can’t have our treats, the more we want them, ask any dieter. The longer you gaze at the salad bowl, the louder the  sweet tin calls!  This defeats the object, ending with us thinking more of ourselves, not less.

This year, let’s try a different approach.  For instance, when in a queue, smiling at those around you instead of moaning about the wait will benefit everyone. After asking “How are you?” actually take the time to really listen, even if it’s the one person you usually try to avoid. Make those phone calls or send emails which you have been putting off for too long. Giving unexpected compliments makes everybody’s day.  If we all do just one of these suggestions each day, to quote a certain song, “What a wonderful world it would be”.

Blessings to you all, Rev. Mo

Our services in English are held at 11am each Sunday, whilst those in German are at 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.


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