Normally July’s article would be all about the Anniversary Celebrations we had held in June. In 2010, two Armenian brothers who were on a pilgrimage, broke their journey to come and bless St Nicholas Church and building.  It was a very special time for us all. However, for the first time, in 9 years, no celebrations took place this June; it just wasn’t possible, but I am sure next year it will be back bigger and better. Usually we celebrate with a Fête and Flower Festival and a very special joint service on the Sunday; a tradition that has been going for 9 years.

Have you noticed that when you say to someone that you have a bad back, sore throat etc, very few will ask and seem concerned, but most will say “Oh yes! I have that too!” Then they go on to tell how bad they are, assuming that your experience is exactly the same as theirs.  In other words, it is common for people to not seek to stretch their understanding by listening to what you say, but settling for limiting their interpretation to what they already know. As I was thinking of this, I realised that most of us apply the same attitude of ‘not listening’, to what God is telling us.

Our relationship with God should be like a dance. He leads by nudging and gently pushing. We follow; just as when two people are dancing; one leads; the other follows. Both cannot lead, otherwise the dance isn’t smooth and is without rhythm.

My prayer for you all is that you ‘Dance with God today and every day, trusting that He will lead and guide you through life.’

As we move into the ‘New Normal’, we will be faced with many challenges. I implore you all to take care and please heed all the safety advice we have been given:

Wash your hands frequently.

Wear your masks when out.

It is so important to take every precaution.

The Virus has not gone away; it is still out there.

Rev Val Caffyn will continue with her video services each Sunday at 10.30am. You can see them on the St Nicholas Church Facebook page.

If it is possible to have Church Services, they will be each Sunday at 10.30am at Calle Sobrija 2248, Camposol D 20.

Chris Leiper