Seventy-three and a quarter, that was my proud answer when last asked my age. 

Yes, I have decided to copy children and make sure that every day counts. Youngsters usually add up all these extra bits when impatient for their next birthday to arrive. Maybe being a year older will mean they can join a group or club. Or that a longed-for pet has been promised when a certain age has been reached. But I have an ulterior motive. I am not racing towards my next year, but being appreciative of the fact that I have made it this far!

I once asked our congregation what had been the very first thing they had done that morning. Luckily all the answers were repeatable! But I was reminding them that they had actually woken up! Unfortunately, so many people don’t. This therefore should make every day a blessing.  Yes, each moment counts. After the last two years surely none of us take our lives for granted. Partners,friends, family and our health, all are precious gifts to be appreciated on a daily basis. I know the members of our church give thanks each Sunday for the privilege of meeting together, even with restrictions.

That’s why looking at things from a child’s perspective is such a good idea. Take each day as it comes and enjoy every moment.  Laughter benefits us all and it’s free!

Do you remember the school prayer we used to say as infants before home time?

Thank You for the world so sweet,
Thank You for the food we eat.
Thank You for the birds that sing,
Thank You God for everything.

That prayer has the same message and meaning today as it did when we were young. Let’s revert to childhood and start saying it again today?

Blessings to you all, Rev Mo.

Our services in English are held at 11am each Sunday, whilst those in German are at 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.

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