It was lovely to see the church full for the unveiling of the Poppy Cascade. There are so many to thank for making this day so special. To have it run like clockwork was amazing. Thank you all.  We were delighted to have Mayor Gaspar and Councillor Silvana Buxton unveil the cascade. The wreath was made by Karen Best and the Altar poppy panels were sewn by Shirley Bartlett.

St Nicholas has been very busy recently with viewings of the Poppy Cascade mornings and a Coffee afternoon.

Our next event is a Community Christmas Lunch on Wednesday 20th December at La Caleta.

Christmas is a very special time of year and it comes with many joys and stresses. It is always a joy if you can spend it with family and friends. It is also nice to send cards, presents and good wishes to those that we see less often. For many of us living in Spain we have the added problem of a flight or long car journey to organise if we plan on spending time with our families. Then there is of course, the pressure and work of providing a huge Christmas meal and the financial burden of buying food, drink and presents. For some it is a time when all the family difficulties and tensions come to a head, so there are joys and stresses with our modern day Christmas celebrations.

There were also joys and stresses with the original version; poor Mary and Joseph making that difficult journey to Bethlehem on a donkey. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable that would have been for the heavily pregnant Mary and then when they arrive the only place available for the night was a stable.

In the church the time for us is Advent, which are the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. This year Sunday December 1st is the first Sunday of Advent. We light a candle for each Sunday of Advent. The first candle is Purple, symbolizing hope and named ‘Prophet’s Candle’. The second candle Purple, represents faith and called ‘Bethlehem’s Candle’. The third candle, often Rose, symbolizes joy and is the ‘Shepherd’s Candle’.  The fourth candle, also Purple, represents peace and is called the ‘Angel’s Candle’. The fifth candle, usually White, represents light and purity and is called ‘Christ’s Candle’.

Services In December

  • Sunday 15th @ 11pm Joint Service at the German Christmas Market.
  • Sunday 15th @ 4pm Evening Prayer at St Nicholas.
  • Tuesday 24th @ 3pm Joint Christmas Service of Carols and Poems. 

Merry Christmas and Peace and Blessings to you all, from all at Saint Nicholas.

Chris Leiper