Going to a Church service each Sunday has been a part of many people’s week for a long time. It has certainly played a very important part in my life. I miss the message that we hear each Sunday in the service. It always gives me something to think about during the following week.

I also miss the Church functions and times when we get together in fellowship. I think we are all missing seeing each other at the 10.30am service. Rev Val Caffyn has been doing an amazing job of posting a service on line each Sunday and I am sure we all really appreciate the time she spends planning and bringing the service to us.

Many friends I have spoken to have said that the lockdown has been good.  It has given them time; time to be with family, even if this is through social media; time to spend with each other and to discover in fact what a lot we have to be thankful for.

The act of staying home is actually an act of love; showing love for one another; love for vulnerable members of our communities; love for all those who have worked so hard at keeping us safe, showing that love by choosing to stay at home and keeping safe. Staying at home means that the virus cannot find fresh hosts to replicate and spread.

We have had the opportunity to show this love in many ways. Maybe it’s been cooking and sharing some food with a neighbour, sending cards and letters, or keeping in touch electronically, they have all been good ways to show we care.  All of us are made to love one another.

I think just now we need to show our love for each other more than ever before.  As Christians we should not be part of what we might call ‘the blame game’. Scapegoating is not healthy or helpful. Life has been tough during lockdown, especially for those in positions of authority and those who make decisions.

Please remember in your prayers all those who have been helping to keep us as safe as possible; those who are trying to find safe ways to take us forward. Remember we are all in this together.

Rev Val Caffyn’s service can be seen on St Nicholas Church Facebook page at 10.30am each Sunday.

No news yet as to when normal Sunday Services will resume.

I would like to wish Rev Val a belated Happy Birthday.

Chris Leiper