Sunday Best 

Do any of you remember having to wear a special set of clothes on Sundays? Attending Church was a very formal occasion in those days. Ladies wore their best dresses or outfits, complete with obligatory hats, gloves and handbags, whilst the men struggled into their suits, and always had to wear a tie. This resulted in menfolk sitting tugging at their collars and sporting flushed faces, whilst their wives glared at them!  The same clothing rules applied to children too. Church attendance in those days was certainly not always a happy time. Unfortunately, this all too often meant many people did not like going to Church, so stayed away.

Looking at our Church members these days, I send up a prayer of thanks. Believe me, everyone still looks good, but far more relaxed and comfortable; no stuffy clothes to make them wriggle in their seats or get hot under the collar; no whispers regarding the ladies headwear!

When the first shorts and summery dresses appear we know the hot weather has arrived, along with our summer visitors. As we live in a warm climate, does it really matter what we wear? It is being there, not what you wear that counts. People are more inclined to listen and enjoy their worship when not feeling uncomfortable.

Never have I read in the Bible that Jesus made His followers go home to change into their best clothes before He would speak to them. They just wanted to hear Him, so they left whatever they were doing to listen to His message; some from the fields, some from their boats, others from their homes, to hear the Good News. Jesus accepted everyone just as they were and He still does today. Faith and worship should be enjoyed not endured.

If you would like to join with us any Sunday morning, please do so, in the knowledge that you will be given a warm, friendly and relaxed time of worship. We meet each Sunday at 11am for our English speaking services.

June Services

4thSongs of Praise

11thHoly Communion

18thMorning Prayer

25th –  Holy Communion

As you can see from our poster, we will be having our Annual Garden Party on Saturday June 3rd. Come along and enjoy yourselves. We know we certainly will!

Love and blessings

Rev Mo x