They are here!  They are back!

Yes, there were only a few up until some weeks ago, but now we can see more of them every day. It’s as if they have been in hibernation for a very long time and have now decided to make an appearance once more. You’ve guessed it, SMILES are back on display.

We know it has been very hard to show some-one you are smiling at them when wearing a mask. But a true smile isn’t just the lifting of the corners of your mouth, even babies manage more than that when suffering with wind! No, it should reach up to your eyes, so even with our mouths covered, true smiles can still be seen. Now we are seeing the full effect and what a difference it makes to everyone. But where does a REAL smile begin?  Not on the face but in the HEART. It is more than a movement of muscles, it is a wonderful feeling of happiness or contentment, deep inside which we want to share with those around us. True smiles should be a natural part of our lives.  It is lovely to give them, but oh so special to receive them too. And they are free!

A young boy came home from school and told his mummy that they had a new girl in class. She had come from a different country a long way away. His mummy asked if the little girl spoke English. “No,” answered the little lad, “ not yet, but it doesn’t matter, because she smiles just like us.”

Yes, smiles are wonderful and can cross barriers in any language, let’s remember that, and speak that language of love and kindness every day, to everyone we meet.

We at St Nicholas Church like to welcome everyone with a smile.  New friends, or old ones, please join us to see for yourselves.



On Sunday 5th we are also celebrating the 11th Anniversary of the consecration of our Church building with a service of Songs of Praise, again please join us if you can.

All English-speaking services are held at 11am each Sunday. There will not be any services in German until September.

June Services

  • 5th Songs of Praise
  • 12th Holy Communion
  • 19th Morning Prayer
  • 26th Holy Communion

We would love to see you at any, or all of these occasions, 

Blessings from Rev Mo.

Remember to keep that smile in your heart.