Back in the sixties I decided to taste my first foreign food. I had progressed past the tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce, so thought it was time to try something a friend had cooked for us.  I wish I hadn’t bothered.  It was a new idea, Vesta Chicken Chow Mein. Believe me, it would have been better to have eaten the cardboard packaging – probably more digestible and definitely a better flavour! I’m glad to say that my unfortunate experience with a convenience food did not put me off trying all types of (proper) dishes from other countries – Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish etc. In fact, put it in front of me and I’ll give it a go.

I’m sorry to say that some people have had this same sad experience when attending Church in their youth. They have only had a taste of the bad, not the good.  Often they have been to one which put them off ever going again. Maybe the preacher only spoke about hell and damnation; never about Heaven, love and forgiveness. The sermons seemed endless, or no-one making them feel welcome. A negative experience is a disaster, where doom and gloom is the norm, but if they could forget their previous encounter and decide to try a different Church, then they might wonder why they allowed themselves to miss out on so much joy, friendship and Christian fellowship all these years.

Our Faith should be a blessing.  When we DO love God and our friends and neighbours, it is so positive.  It makes you happy and that should be translated into all parts of our worship, as well as every part of our lives. Looking miserable doesn’t benefit anyone, but smiles can brighten the world and singing lifts any heart.

The old idea of silence in Church just doesn’t exist at St Nicholas; no creeping in on tip toe; no-one being shushed. In fact everyone is so friendly catching up on the past week and enquiring about one another, that we have to ring a bell at the start of the service, to halt the conversations! This means the atmosphere is welcoming and it carries on throughout the service and hopefully the rest of the week.

Attending Church should be enjoyed not endured!

I’ve looked through the Bible, but nowhere have I found instructions to be miserable or depressed. There are many places which tell us to sing, shout, clap, dance and praise.  Don’t worry, none of these are compulsory!  If you have wanted to come to Church but haven’t for any reason, why not join us on Sundays? We can assure you of a very warm welcome, not forgetting the tea/coffee and refreshments afterwards which will enable us to meet and chat.

Lastly a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Jubilee Garden Party. Whether you were there as an entertainer, helper or simply to enjoy the occasion, we appreciated your participation. I can honestly say, a good time was had by all!!

Our services in English are held at 11am each Sunday, (no German speaking ones until September).

July Services

  • 3rd Songs of Praise
  • 10th Holy Communion
  • 17th Morning Prayer
  • 24th Holy Communion
  • 31st Fifth Sunday Service

Blessings to you all

Rev Mo