A Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year to you all.

As you are reading this, I wonder if any of you are sitting with a cup of tea, finishing up the last of the Christmas cake, biscuits, or mince pies!  Perhaps you have been dipping into the sweets and chocolates so temptation won’t be following you into 2023!

Isn’t it strange how we feel obliged to make New Year Resolutions to change something about ourselves, or our life-styles, at the beginning of each year? It’s as if all our bad habits, which have crept up on us during the previous 12 months, can be swept away as soon as the calendar changes. Why do we put ourselves under this pressure time after time?  If we feel that our weight needs taking in hand, or it’s time to stop smoking, drinking etc. why do we believe that a certain date will be the answer?  So often we kid ourselves that THIS year, it will work!  Then a couple of days/weeks/months later, we feel guilty that it has failed yet again?  

I must congratulate anyone who actually succeeds in keeping their resolutions for a whole year! Well done! A much simpler and effective way would be to take each day as it comes. If we have managed our goal by night time, we can sleep well, feeling good about ourselves, but if it hasn’t been easy and we slip up, well, tomorrow is a new day, a new start. Don’t lose heart. It is possible to look forward to achieving, not backwards to failing!

This is true of everything we might do. Each day is brand new. It has never been used by anyone else. It has no wrinkles which require ironing. It belongs to each and every one of us.  Each morning brings new hopes, new chances and new challenges. We cannot live in the past, but we can learn from it. The same with the future, but we can believe in it. Today, this minute, is the only time we have for certain, so live it and enjoy every second. This is the wonderfully unique gift that God has given to us. Make every moment count. That is the best resolution to make!

Our services in English are held at 11am each Sunday, while those in German are at 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month.

Services for January

  • 1st Songs of Praise
  • 8th Holy Communion
  • 15th Morning Prayer
  • 22nd Holy Communion
  • 29th 5th Sunday Service

Looking forward to seeing you during 2023.
Love and blessings

Rev Mo x