Epiphany or 12th night is on 6th January

It is such a pity that to some it is only known as the day we take down the Christmas Decorations. It is so much more than that. Epiphany is when the Wise Men or Magi arrived in Bethlehem after following a Star, which led them to the stable and baby Jesus. They brought with them gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  These Wise Men, with their different coloured skin, are symbolic of every nation on earth.

Do we welcome strangers from other parts of the world, strangers who have travelled far, following their own star to find a new life?  Many of us reading this came to a new country to find a new life. Most of us live according to Christian values, even though we are not aware of it. We value our friendships, families and loved ones. We lead law abiding lives and are kind to each other and to strangers.

2020 what will it bring?

A New Year is almost like a new book; all the pages clean and empty. How many books of life have we filled? I am surprised by how many I have filled and how quickly they have been filled. There are many things I wish I hadn’t done; things I should have done, but there are also lots of things that I am happy to have done. For this coming year I think we should do all what we can to be more welcoming to strangers; go that extra mile to show our love to our family and friends.

Life is a gift, make it special

It has been another busy month in church life.

Christmas Lunch Party held again at La Caleta. As always the staff worked really hard to keep everyone served and glasses re-filled.  We joined together to sing The Twelve Days Of Christmas with much jangling of bells. The timings may have been a little off, but we were all able to release the inner child in us. A good time was had by all.

24th December Service of Carols and Poems

This was a lovely, lively service with Lola the donkey coming along and adding to the atmosphere.

Events In January

Coffee & Chat Afternoons – For those who live on their own, Winter can be a very lonely time. Why not join us at one of our afternoon get-togethers? It is a chance to chat and make friends. These afternoons are open to all. Please do come along and join us. You will be assured of a very warm welcome.

Wednesday January 8thFun Craft Afternoon with cake, tea & coffee. 2-5pm

Thursday 23rdGames Afternoon with cake, tea & coffee. 2-5pm

Why not join us for a Traditional Sunday Service? All services begin at 10.30am

January Services 

  • Sunday 5th Songs of Praise – Epiphany Sunday
  • After service we will share a light lunch of warming soup, crusty bread, cake, tea & coffee
  • Sunday 12th Holy Communion
  • Sunday 19th Morning Prayer
  • Sunday 26th Holy Communion 

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2020 from all at St Nicholas.

Chris Leiper