Bruce and Darlene Marie Wilkinson in their book The Dream Giver for Parents tell about a teenager who noticed that his father worried himself nearly to death, trying unsuccessfully to be everywhere and do everything to protect his child from life’s difficulties. This young man wrote his father the following note:
“I am sure you remember, Dad, how you used to tell me stories when I was young and was afraid or insecure. Well, I have noticed that you are often worried about what might become of me when you’re not there to help. Now I want to remind you of one of the stories we read together when I was little. It’s the story of the cockerel that got up before dawn every day to sit on the roof of the farmhouse and crow so that the sun would rise, because that’s what he really believed; that it was his responsibility to make the sun come up. He was always afraid that if he didn’t crow, everything would go wrong. He kept worrying: ‘What would happen if I fell ill or even died?  How would the crops grow and the children wake up in time for school and the frost melt and the flowers blossom if I weren’t there to make the sun rise? The world would become cold and dark; all the grass and the trees would die and the people too eventually.’

Then one evening, the cockerel attended a party and overslept the next morning. The other animals realized that he was not there to make the sun come up and were just about to panic when they saw a glimmer of light on the horizon. It was the sun rising without the cockerel! Well the cockerel was miserable when he found out that he had nothing to do with the sun’s rising every morning; and embarrassed! But he was also extremely relieved. ‘What a weight off my shoulders’, he thought, ‘that I don’t have to make the sun come up! Yet, every morning, there it is. There must be Someone Else taking care of all this’.

Dad, you light up my life, but it really isn’t your responsibility to ‘make the sun rise for me’. I know that you know Someone Else is taking care of me.

That was a lesson that Mary and Joseph had to learn and it’s a lesson I hope you and I have learned as well. God will take care of those we love and God will take care of us. Mary and Joseph went on with their lives following Christmas, and so shall we. They faced life’s many challenges, but they did it with love and with faith in God. It was not easy, but they knew God was with them, just as God is with us. It’s good to know. Indeed, it’s the best Good News in the world.

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