There are some people whose outlook and wise words we remember years after they have been spoken.  I expect we have all heard of the famous philosophers from the distant past, such as Confucius, Plato and Aristotle, but sometime it’s the words spoken by a person, not usually regarded as a genius, that stay with us the longest. This happened to me. Now maybe I’m prejudiced, but the person I’m thinking of was not a university graduate, nor did she hold any qualifications except that of being a wonderful mother; mine!

When I was young, we would occasionally walk a different way home from the shops. Taking this route we would pass an elderly gentleman who would be leaning on his front gate. Mum would stop for a few minutes and chat with him.  One day I asked her why she did this, as we didn’t really know him. She explained that living all alone, he liked to stand there to see other people. She always chatted because maybe she might be the only person who stopped to speak with him that day.

Although I was only about seven years old, I have never forgotten her words, as I thought it was so sad.  That’s why I’ve always liked to speak to anyone standing next to me in a queue, at a bus stop, or in a shop; in fact anywhere because who knows if that particular person lives alone and goes home to an empty house. A few moments being pleasant to each other is no hardship and can brighten up our own day too.

The reason for this story today is due to the adverts and discussions on TV encouraging us all to talk to others. I think it is a sorry reflection on today’s society that we have to be reminded to communicate with each other. Using social media, in all its various forms, is not the same as a good face-to-face conversation. Yes, it is GOOD TO TALK, but it is even better when we CARE ENOUGH to do so.  

The season of Lent is coming up at the end of this month, but instead of giving up chocolate, cakes, bread etc. as usual, wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of us gave a little of our time to let someone know we care? 

You have been warned, that chatty person next to you in the supermarket, might well be me!

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Rev Mo x