Wife to Spouse: “I don’t want to brag, but here is February and I’ve kept every one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve kept them in a folder in the back of my desk!”

How many of your New Year’s Resolutions have made it intact through the first full week of 2019?

Have you missed a day of exercise yet?

Have you stuck to your diet?

Are you texting less, talking more, always telling the truth?

Most ‘resolutions’ we make are self-directed: get thinner, work smarter, be stronger and take control of your life. We want to make changes that will help us, improve us and bring us good feelings about ourselves. 

Jesus said to be ‘in’ the world, but not to be ‘of’ the world.

What if we weren’t ‘of’ this world of resolutions we’re ‘in’?

Instead of resolutions to live 2019 in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves; that brings ourselves pleasure.

What if we resolve to live a life that brings pleasure to God.

What if we were to resolve to so live in 2019 that in January of 2020 God can look back at our year of living and declare “Your life brings me great pleasure. Well-done, good and faithful friend.”

Could there be any greater joy than hearing those words?

Remember how as a little child you lived and loved to get the approval of your Mum and Dad.

If the praise of our imperfect human parents could bring such a sense of satisfaction to our childish hearts, think how much more the affirmation of our perfect, all powerful, heavenly parent would mean to our life.

The absolute best thing we can ever know in life is that we have lived in such a way that it brings God great pleasure.

February Services

Sunday @ 10.30am
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3rd Songs of Praise
10th Holy Communion
17th Morning Prayer
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