I expect that many of you have written your Christmas cards and sent them, wrapped some, if not all the presents and made lists of all that nice food and drink you intend to buy for your celebrations, but how many of you have thought about Christmas?  You probably think I am a bit crazy saying this, after all, what are these preparations for, if not the festive season?

So many people nowadays love to have the holidays, the parties, all the glitter and decorations, but not really want to acknowledge the real meaning of why we have Christmas.  If you watch the seasonal films on television, you could believe that carols only concern Christmas trees, whilst gingerbread houses are a must and miracles come courtesy of Santa Claus!

This year St Nicholas Church wants to invite you all to turn back the clock to your younger days when the school Nativity Play was so important to us. Do you remember wanting to be a king then ending up borrowing your Mum’s striped tea towel to become a shepherd?  Well, now it’s your chance to do it again. On Saturday 17th December at 4pm, the Camposol Community Live Nativity is taking place on Camposol A Commercial Centre. It will be an enactment of the Christmas Story with anyone wanting to take part. Just come along and join in; dress as a king, shepherd, innkeeper, or bystander. Costumes optional, but it would be fun to have as many as possible getting into the spirit of the occasion. Maybe we have a few angels living on Camposol who would like to spread their wings again!  

I’m sure we all remember THAT particular episode of the Vicar of Dibley! Everyone will be very welcome. Just turn up and enter into the fun. We will be joined by the Harlequin Rock Choir, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy singing the traditional carols too. We hope it will be a wonderful start to all of your Christmas celebrations. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a young child, an older one or merely enjoying, like so many of us, a second, or third childhood!

For those who enjoy a traditional Carol Service, on Sunday 11th December we will be holding a service of readings and carols.

This year on Christmas Day, there will be a short service telling the Christmas Story with those lovely old carols we all know so well.

Our new website is stnicholas.es

Services in English are held each Sunday at 11am.

Services in German are at 4pm on the 4th and 24th December.


  • 4thSongs of Praise
  • 11thReadings and Carols
  • 18thHoly Communion
  • 25thChristmas Story and Carols

Everyone at St Nicholas Church would like to wish you all a Very Happy, Peaceful Christmas and New Year. We look forward to seeing you sometime over this festive time.

Love and blessings

Rev Mo x