Man Killed For Telling The Truth

If you had read these headlines in your daily paper, I’m sure you would want to find out just what this story was all about. It would be the first item on the Six O’clock News and probably be all over the media sites, but seeing that this did not happen recently, but almost 2,000 years ago, who cares?

Well, millions upon millions of people over the intervening years have cared. In fact, cared enough not only to want to know everything concerning this extraordinary event, but have even died to make sure that others know the greatest story ever told.

It is the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, on Good Friday, without doubt the most important time in the Christian Church. We remember how our Saviour gave His life for all mankind, to bring salvation to the world, but many do not even recognise this day. Oh yes, they love the celebrations that take place at Christmas when we remember His birth, but are they only an excuse for a good time to some folk?  

Unfortunately Good Friday, for many, is just another day, with the added bonus of hot cross buns for tea!

What will you be doing on Easter Sunday?  Will you be in Church celebrating the wonder of the Risen Lord, or will you be thinking of those cuddly Easter bunnies and fluffy Easter chicks, whilst eating your fill of chocolate eggs?  

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are so often overlooked by the world these days, but if you want to know more and would like to share in our celebrations, then please accept our warm invitation to share in our services this year.

Oh yes! What did those headlines mean?
Why, Jesus simply told the truth; that He was and is and will always be the Son of God.

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April Services

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7thGood Friday

9thHoly Communion for Easter

16th – Morning Prayer

23rdHoly Communion

30th5th Sunday Service

We look forward to welcoming you to our services this month.

Blessings and love

Rev Mo