Truth is narrow. If we were hiking and came to a wide river and we learned that there was one bridge, down the river a mile or two, we wouldn’t stomp in disgust and moan about how that was such a narrow way to think and that the bridge should be right there, where we were. Instead, thankful that there was a bridge, we would go to it and cross over.

Consider the following:
When we go to the doctor, we want a prescription for exactly what we will need to get well. We would be quite startled if the doctor said, “These pills ought to cure you if you’re sincere. After all, we believe in health, don’t we?”

Or would you trust yourself to a surgeon who had received no specialized training, but was simply a really good person who meant well? Of course not! You know that truth is narrow and you will trust your life, only to someone who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

Come and learn about that person – Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

April Services
Sundays @ 10.30am
Calle Sobrija 2248
Camposol D

7th Songs of Praise
14th Holy Communion – Palm Sunday
19th Holy Communion – Good Friday
21st Holy Communion – Easter Sunday
28th Morning Prayer