Christening of Bobby and George

On Sunday 22nd September Saint Nicholas Church was so happy to celebrate the Christening of Bobby & George Cook.  Bobby has been coming to our church for some months and he has stolen the hearts of all the ladies, so it was with happiness in our hearts that we welcomed him and his brother into the church family.

Could you hear us singing the traditional Harvest Hymns We Plough the Fields and Scatter and Come You Thankful People Come? It was a real pleasure to sing hymns that we all remember. The church and altar had been beautifully decorated with traditional harvest fruit and vegetables and we had beautiful flower displays at a Traditional Harvest Service.  The table of harvest gifts was overladen with foods, after such generosity from the congregation.

The collection from the Harvest Service is to go to Saint Andrews School in Ghana, a school that we have supported for many years. Following the service, we all joined together for a Harvest Meal which was eaten outside in the beautiful sunshine.

Poppy Cascade and Open Coffee Morning

Lots of ladies have been involved in producing a Poppy Cascade for Saint Nicholas Church. The cascade is to remember all those who were killed in the many wars and also the animals who lost their lives. The cascade was unveiled on Sunday 27th October and will hang for 3 weeks. If you wish to come and view it we would be delighted to welcome you on Wednesday 6 November.

I think all of us, at some time have prayed, even if we don’t realise it.  We might have said “God help me”, or “Oh, God what am I going to do?” Prayer is often referred to as ‘Talking to God’ and this is exactly what it is.  It feels just like sharing a problem or a joy with a friend. You don’t have to use fancy words or complicated sentences. Just say it how it is. He will understand. 

I find that I talk to Him all the time as I go about my daily life; Thank you for today. Thank you for looking out for my family. Help me with this problem. What is the solution to that problem? Please keep an eye on my family. Help my friend through this difficulty. Make me a better friend, wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law – the list goes on. 

Prayer doesn’t mean an end to all our problems, but as the saying goes, “A problem shared is often a problem halved.”

Believing in God and having faith, is a very personal experience. It is a bit like swimming or riding a bike – nobody can do it for you.  You have to set off on your own and trust that you won’t sink or fall off.

Anyone can offer up a silent voice to God; a voice that reflects how you are feeling just now.  We may not be able to define who it is we’re praying to, but it will at the very least do us good to feel we’re reaching out beyond ourselves. He is always listening.

Prayer, however we go about it, can only be for the good.

St Nicholas Church
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All services start at 10.30am

November Services

  • Sunday 3rd Songs of Praise
  • Sunday 10th Remembrance Service, Holy Communion 
  • Sunday 10th Second Service of Remembrance at the Tanatoria 11.30am
  • Sunday 17th Morning Prayer
  • Sunday 24th Holy Communion

Chris Leiper