I am really hoping that by the time this article comes out things will have moved forward and we are coming out of this difficult time of lockdown.

Most Churches have been using social media to relay a service on Sundays. St Nicholas also does this and Rev Val Caffyn has been recording a service from her home each Sunday at 10.30am. It has been a wonderful way of hearing what the Lord tells us and knowing that we are not alone, that all our friends and fellow Church members are tuning in to watch and listen. Thank you Rev Val for keeping us all in touch.

I wonder what lesson we can take from being isolated in our home for several weeks.  I think we have learned not to take our way of life for granted; suddenly, not being able to shop where we wanted, not being able to go to the beach, the gym, meet up with friends, go out for meals etc. has it made us appreciate what a free life we usually enjoy? I hope so.

It is wonderful to realise that so many citizens are so selfless and give their time, energy and money to help those less fortunate. We are surrounded by these people daily, but do we take them for granted? I believe we do. Giving is something we all are encouraged as Christians to do as part of our everyday lives.  We have become aware of so many outstanding acts of generosity from our neighbours and friends.

We learn from the scriptures that we should respect those who govern us and order our society. I ask you all to take seriously the advice we have been given. Remember it is not just for our own protection, but also for the protection of others and especially those most vulnerable.

God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. Is this our time to rest and  revaluate our lives? Certainly this has been like a ‘time out’ from our normal schedules and I believe most of us have had more time to be in contact with family, friends and God; time to think, time to assess, time to value those things that are important and those that are not.

God is the shepherd of his flock.  He protects them. Without their shepherd, sheep tend to get lost.  Similarly, we need help to find the right path in life. God guides us into the right way of life.

A short Church service by Rev Val Caffyn can be seen on St Nicholas Church Camposol Facebook page each Sunday at 10.30am.

If things have been relaxed enough to make normal Church services possible, they are held each Sunday at 10.30am

Chris Leiper