Hello Friends

Welcome to 2021, a New Year full of promise.

As we begin a New Year I start to think of all the things that I didn’t quite do. This year there are a lot of things I didn’t complete or even start.  COVID-19 restrictions impeded everyone’s plans. However, never let it be said that a year passed without some positive things coming out of it.

We had to, just like everyone, rethink our lives.

We have enjoyed time together, without outside commitments.

We set ourselves challenges that we have worked on together which has been really beneficial.

We have, like most of you, missed lots of social activities and contact with friends, but overall I would say that so far we have had a good 2020.

Sometimes God is at work in people and situations under our very noses and we can’t see it, but one thing we can be sure of is God is at work. His timing may not always suit our wall planners and diaries, but when we look back and reflect sometimes, it’s amazing how God brings people and situations together. What can seem an impossible situation at one point can later be looked back upon and laughed at. In fact sometimes overcoming things can be a great turning point and lesson for us all.

Remember, you may not be aware of just who is watching you. There is always someone, somewhere who will be watching your actions and reactions.  Someone will be watching and learning from you. Someone will be following your example. If you are alive, you are a mentor to someone. Make sure you are a good one! 

Unfortunately, due to the continued COVID-19 restrictions it is still impossible to hold Sunday Services in Church. However, Rev Val continues to video a service each Sunday which you can watch after 10.30am on St Nicholas Church Facebook page.

Chris Leiper