It’s Music To My Ears

This popular English expression is mostly used in situations when you hear about something that truly pleases you.  It transmits good vibes; it gives off such an essence of positivity and joy that you just can’t help but share in the happiness of the person uttering it. In the idiom, the word ‘music’ stands out from the rest.

It has been widely accepted over the years that music has a special and overwhelming effect on people’s minds and feelings. Music and emotions go hand-in-hand when it comes to influencing people’s lives. Music has the unique and distinctive power to transport you to that place, to make you feel what you could feel in that moment when the melody got to the heart of your very inner self, evoking that emotion, whether pleasant or not.

Notwithstanding that the emotion brought to mind can be that of sadness, our brain most often chooses the bright side of life and favours the firm connection between music and positive sentiment.  Music, blessed music in all its forms and expressions, such as in songs, hymns, tunes, melodies, ballads or solos, has intervened in making this world a better place to live.

There is a wide array of examples throughout the history of mankind of music bringing about favourable and pleasant emotions. Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman cultures, Asian and European empires, were all imbued by its force and energy.

Is there anyone who doubts the influence of English songs on our current culture? It is crystal clear that they have had a great impact on people of all ages and places. Fantastic British bands such as The Beatles or the Rolling Stones or American singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen to mention a few, have turned into true-blue icons of contemporary music and still do their bit for the enormous repercussions of songs on people’s mindsets.

There sounds the song and your memory, flying back to the very moment you heard it for the first time, rejoices recollecting the good moments evoked by the sweet and tender lyrics accompanying the sweet melody.  The emotions seem to travel to and fro frantically, bringing back to mind that climax of delight while listening to it and turning back the delusions and bafflement of the present moment. In the air is the ‘This is our song’ motto, followed by the singing along, together with the rest of the patrons, to the bliss of the whole bar.

Pablo Tornel López