Still Imagining

Today I woke up with a song in my mind, and, apparently, without reason because I usually don’t listen to John Lennon’s music. And while listening to the song ‘Imagine’ I felt as if I had found a bottle from abroad with a message inside. Those words had an impact on me after realising how powerful they were and how little consideration we had given to them all this time, as they say, ‘Imagine there is no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for…Living life in peace’.

This is one of those songs that moves us internally with ease. Its emotive harmony is still alive despite having been written in 1971, a year so remarkable for ‘The Beatles’ group in which they had won the honourable OSCAR Award for Best Music and Original Song Score category, too. Thus, after fifty years ‘Imagine’ keeps showing us all the social injustices and barriers which permeate around the world and how difficult it is to make headway on that subject, if any is made at all.

I know this is a very tough topic to broach and to provide a solution to, but maybe if we change our perception of it, the answer to all these problems could be simpler: basically that, we, as people, build our future on respect, trust, and love among folks, we will not deprive others of protection and security. After all, freedom and the right to live decently is the first amendment for all of us no matter our ethnicity or nationality.

Limiting people’s social rights and the right to live is one of the cruelest things. Thus, we should never forget about those in need, those who risk their lives for a supposedly better one, those who suffer pain and struggle with some political ideologies that have nothing to do with them and only cause harm. In fact, it is now that we should all lend a hand to those in need and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who desperately seek some light in their lives.

Lastly, to adhere to Lennon’s words, what if our world were full of dreamers as in his song? No doubt, the Ukraine’s people and other countries have never suffered such misfortune and pain as they do today. Hopefully, we keep overcoming obstacles with bravery and strength because there is still a lot of hope and faith in humanity’s attitude to look forward to a better day.

Ana Stelea

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Murcia