Tel 968 493 285 – Sat Market

Every Saturday – Antique & Collectable Market near the Railway Station. From 10am

Sunday 8th September & Sunday 6th October – 3hr Theatrical Tour of Aguilas 10.30am. Register at Tourist Office

Saturday 14th September – 2½hr Historical Tour of Aguilas 11am from Tourist Office. Small groups of 6 or less.

Sunday 29th September (Spanish) – Ruta del Ferrocarril (Railway Route) 10am

Sunday 22nd September – Path Four Calas Route. Depart from Playa de Calarreona, camping area 10am. 4km. 2hrs. Contact guide on 670 307 818

Alhama de Murcia

Tel 968 633 51 – Tues Market

There are some fabulous walks in the Sierra Espuña National Park. 

Go to and click on Paths of Sierra Espuña. You will find full details of all walks available and a map that you can download.

Friday 6th September – Free Live Concert @ Plazas de las Americas 10pm

Saturday 7th September & Saturday 5th October – Free 45min Guided Tour of Thermal Baths 11am

Saturday 14th & 21st & Sunday 22nd September& Sunday 6th October – Guided Tour of Alhama Castle 11am from Los Baños Archaeological Museum. From 2€

Friday 13th September – Free Live Concert (3 bands) @ Plaza de la Constitucion 10pm

Sunday 15th September – Free Theatrical Tour 11am from Tourist Office. Small groups of 8 or less.

Fuente Alamo – Sat Market

Every Wednesday – Hacienda del Alamo Women’s Association Coffee Morning @ The Club House 10am-12pm


Tel 968 441 914Thurs Market

Lorca Castle – general entry 6€. Guided Tours available in English for 4€ on Thursdays at 10.30am for 22€ to include lunch, with special packages on Sundays. Check at Tourist Office for full details.

Saturday 7th September – Guided Tour of Virgen de las Huertas (in Spanish) 12.30pm 4€ (under 12’s free)

Saturday 21st September – Free Guided Tour of Monumental Lorca 11.30am from Tourist Office. Booking essential.

Saturday 28th September – Free Red Dagger Theatrical Tour of Lorca. 11am from Plaza de España. Ideal for families. Booking essential (minimum 5 persons)


Tel 968 594 426 – Sat Market  

Free Guided Tours in Mazarrón area.

Visit the Tourist Office or for full details of all tours.

Art Exhibition @ Casas Consistoriales – Geometría Del Color by Rafael Richart (until 14th September) 


Mon-Sat 10am-2pm

Thurs & Fri 5pm-8.30pm

Loggerhead Turtles

Mazarrón Council has joined the campaign ‘Turtles in the Mediterranean’ which is aimed at protecting the loggerhead turtle on our shores. This was launched by the Oceanographic Foundation and the Red Cross to protect these marine reptiles; an initiative promoted and praised by the departments of Services of the Coast and Animal Welfare of the City of Mazarrón. If a sighting occurs, the most convenient and effective thing to do is to call 112 with which the Varamiento Network is activated.

Sea Turtles have an important role because they help fight jellyfish and the negative effects that their overpopulation can cause in the ecosystem.

First Steps Towards A Better Camposol
The mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, studied the needs of the area with Silvana Buxton and Tomás Ureña.

• It was noted that repairs were required at the Social Centre: outer and inner front doors, window in hall, emergency door, dance bar, wall mirror. The air conditioning is being sorted and the hand-dryer in ladies’ toilet should be replaced soon.

• Camposol B commercial centre: blocks of damaged and rusty (never used) letter boxes by commercial centre to be removed, as well as those in Sector C by the golf course.

• Camposol A Medical Centre: repairs to front door glass; installation of blinds on big windows by the reception desk and by entrance door; possible provision of drinking water machine.

• Numerous pot-holes to be repaired and list to be made of roads requiring urgent repairs. 

• Issues regarding the ‘adoption’ of Camposol, including the procedure and legalities were discussed. 

Silvana Buxton is now writing a column each month in the Costa Cálida Chronicle with updates.

The Council Installs Drink Can Compactors

Through this simple gesture, people can recycle used cans. The 7 installed in Mazarrón are located at: Plaza Toneleros, The Rihuete Promenade, Playa Grande, two on the Costa Cálida Avenue, in front of the Phoenician Ship Interpretation Centre and one in Bolnuevo. The cans are easily compacted and 100% of the aluminum can be recycled without diminishing its quality.

Puerto Lumbreras

Tel 968 436 153 – Fri Market

Saturdays (6.30pm) & Sundays (11am) in September, discover the historical and patrimonial wealth of Puerto Lumbreras through Medina Nogalte visiting its cave-houses and the Nogalte Castle. From Craftsman workshop cave house, reception of Medina Nogalte. 7pm. 3€ (under 10’s free). Payment due 2 days prior to visit @ ES 12 3058 0204 15 2732000020-City Hall of Puerto Lumbreras.

Wednesdays & Saturdays in September – Visit the Astronomical Observatory – 7pm or 10pm


Tel 968 418 153

Wed Market/Fri in El Pareton 

Saturdays & Sundays in September Guided Visit to La Bastida 3.40€ (2.50€ disc)10am/12pm. Book at Tourist Office 

Saturdays in September – Guided Visit Museum Of The Tower Of Santiago 10am

The first level hosts the chapter house that refers to the lands of Totana; the Order of Santiago. The second level is the choir of the church, which shows the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the temple and the explanation of its chapels. The next level is known as ‘the bride’s room’, which was the old house of the bell ringer. The fourth level cannot be visited as it contains the current clock. The last level is the bell tower, where the second oldest bell of the Diocese is located, dating from 1470.

Sunday 29th September

Sierra Espuña Fiesta

Learn about amphibians. Visit the stand from 12pm-1.30pm