Check at your local Tourist Office for full details of Events

The use of masks, complying with safety distances and the use of
hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory. 


Tel 968 493 285 – Sat Market

Every Saturday – Antique & Collectable Market near the Railway Station. From 10am

Ending Saturday 5th March Carnival

Contemporáneos de Coronado Permanent Art Exhibition – Auditorio Doña Elena

Thu-Sun 7pm-10pm

Carnival Museum

Visit this museum in the Francisco Rabal Cultural House to see some of the amazing carnival costumes. The costumes will be changed each year to show those from the most recent carnival festival.

Open Tues-Sat 9am-2pm & 4-9pm

Ruta del Ferrocarril 

Check at Tourist Office for availability. 

Alhama de Murcia 

Tel 968 633 51 – Tues Market

There are some fabulous walks in the Sierra Espuña National Park. 

Go to and click on Paths of Sierra Espuña. You will find full details of all walks available and a map that you can download.

Check the Tourist Office for full details of all activities at the Municipal Pool/Gym.

Fridays 7-9pm & alternating Saturdays 5-7pm – Arts/Craft Workshops @ La Costera Social Club up to 17th June.

Saturdays (alternating) 7-9pm Stringed Instrument Workshop @ La Costera Social Club

Saturdays (alternating) 5-7pm Dry Cord Painting @ Gebas Social Centre/Las Cañadas Social Centre until June

Saturdays (alternating) 5-7pm Dance Class @ Las Cañadas Social Centre

Mondays & Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm – Maintenance Gym @ El Berro Cultural Centre until end of May

Mondays & Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm – Pilates @ El Berro Cultural Centre until end of May

Fuente Alamo 

Sat Market

Every WednesdayHacienda del Alamo Women’s Association Coffee Morning @ The Club House 10am-12pm


Tel 968 441 914Thurs Market

Lorca Castle – general entry 6€. Guided Tours available in English for 4€ on Thursdays at 10.30am (22€ to include lunch), with special packages on Sundays. Check at Tourist Office for full details.


Tel 968 594 426 – Sat Market 

Check at the Tourist Office for information onFree Guided Tours in Mazarrón area.


The stores in Mazarrón were dressed up recently to participate in the Valentine’s Day shop window contest presented by the Department of Commerce, managed by Silvia Zamora.

The winning establishments were; first prize “Floristería Pepe” and second prize “Paloma Uribes Professional Aesthetics”. The Councillor for Commerce awarded the prizes.

Silvia García Zamora thanked her Department and the City Council for the participation of all stores and said “we encourage them to sign up for future contests, thus helping to give visibility to small businesses in our municipality.”


After intense negotiations, the Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, signed recenty the purchase of the Edificio del Sindicato located in Calle Garcia Alix.

The acquired site is 350 metres long, has three floors and when it was in operation it housed the old Agrarian Chamber, a bar with social functions, and was even the headquarters of the INEM offices.

The building has been closed for approximately 20 years and is currently in an advanced state of disrepair

Puerto Lumbreras

Tel 968 436 153Fri Market

Discover the historical and patrimonial wealth of Puerto Lumbreras through Medina Nogalte visiting its cave-houses and the Nogalte Castle. From Craftsman workshop cave house, reception of Medina Nogalte. 7pm. 3€ (under 10’s free). Payment due 2 days prior to visit @ ES 12 3058 0204 15 2732000020-City Hall of Puerto Lumbreras.

Please check availability as some of the evenings are already fully booked.


Tel 968 418 153 – Wed Market/Fri in El Pareton 

Saturdays & Sundays – Guided Visit to La Bastida 3.40€ (2.50€ disc)10am/12pm. Book at Tourist Office  

Saturdays – Guided Visit Museum of The Tower of Santiago 10am

The first level hosts the chapter house that refers to the lands of Totana; the Order of Santiago. The second level is the choir of the church, which shows the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the temple and the explanation of its chapels. The next level is known as ‘the bride’s room’, which was the old house of the bell ringer. The fourth level cannot be visited as it contains the current clock. The last level is the bell tower, where the second oldest bell of the Diocese is located, dating from 1470.