Disinfecting the Area

The Islamic Communities ‘Ettawba’ in Mazarrón and ‘El Nour’ in Puerto de Mazarrón have donated 6,480 litres of bleach to the Mazarrón Council. The mayor, Gaspar Miras, has thanked both communities for this donation.

The bleach will be used by the Department of Services, through the company Bahía de Mazarrón, to continue with the disinfection work that continues to be carried out in Mazarrón, Puerto and Pedanías in the fight against Covid-19. Actúa and Orthem contracts are also participating, in morning and afternoon shifts.

In this the fight against the pandemic is the distribution of 8,400 masks destined within the area by the Government Delegation and carried out by the Civil Guard, Local Police and Civil Protection.

Within the Region of Murcia, safety measures must be continued to avoid a re-emergence of COVID-19 and phases of de-escalation can continue to progress. It is therefore crucial to maintain good hygiene with frequent hand washing, keep safe distances at work and on outings for sports and walks and wear a mask when it is not possible to keep safe distances.

Make it worth the effort we have all made over these recent days.


The Department of Health in Mazarrón is continuing with the intensification of disinfection work against mosquitoes

Work has focused on Mazarrón and Camposol and will continue in other parts of the municipality. To help in this work, it is important for all to

collaborate to prevent the proliferation of this annoying insect:

  • Avoid containers that can accumulate standing water.
  • Maintain adequate levels of chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Protect wells, water butts and reservoirs with nets and mosquito nets.
  • Monitor dripping from watering systems.
  • Pour away standing water into drains.
  • Renew drinking water for pets and birds every 2 or 3 days.

Disinfection Work

Work intensifies on the beaches and disinfection work has been increased in areas such as El Alamillo with green spaces and gardens being adapted.

Mazarrón Council has begun with improvements and arrangements that are being carried out by the Department of Services, Parks and Gardens and Coastal Services in view of the future opening of certain areas in the de-escalation. The opening of these areas must be carried out with the maximum security conditions so that they can open in early June within phase III. It would be terrible to destroy all the effort that has been put in to ensure everyone’s safety

Repair Work

The first works that are being undertaken on the beaches are, in addition to the usual tasks of adaptation and cleaning, the repair of the damage caused by the continuous storms that occurred during April. These arrangements have begun on the Alamillo beach and will be extended to other points on the coast where some improvements have also to be made to restore them to their original state.

Gardens and Parks

Another aspect that is being worked on is in the parks, gardens and green areas, with disinfection, clearing and pruning work. One of these pruning tasks is focused on palm trees in the coastal area where it is planned to plant 20 new specimens to replace those that had been affected by the red palm weevil and that have not been able to recover despite the treatments used.

La Caixa Donates 4,500€ To Cáritas Mazarrón & 6,000€ To Red Cross For Food Banks

The director of the Caixa Bank Mazarrón, Almudena Nieto, explained “With these financial aids we support these organizations in the work they are carrying out with those families who, due to Covid-19, need the help of food banks. We have also promoted hashtag

#Ningunhogarsinalimentos to which he invited citizens to participate in social networks through their donations, reaching the figure of 2.5 million euros through La Caixa Welfare Projects. This is the first in Spain, the second in Europe and the third in the world thanks to our clients.”

The priest of the parish of San Andrés and San Antonio de Padua, Antonio José Martínez, praised the gesture of La Caixa going out to meet those who need it the most, whose numbers unfortunately have increased due to the socioeconomic situation we are experiencing. Although the number has increased at the present time, it may continue to increase in the coming months.

Carmen Navarro, president of Mazarrón Red Cross, thanked La Caixa and explained “With these aids we are going to be able to reach more families and, above all, they can have fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, helping these families have a healthier diet.”

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, also thanked La Caixa on behalf of all the people of Mazarrón. Cáritas and the Red Cross are carrying out a very important task in these difficult times as well as their daily work throughout the year.

Mazarrón City Council has reopened.

The Mazarrón City Council re-opened its doors to the public on May 25

with pre-booked appointments. To request an appointment, call 968 59 00

12 between 9am-2pm

Due to the health alert caused by Covid-19, certain mandatory

regulations must also be met:

• Only those who have an appointment can access the Town Hall.

• Companions are not allowed, except people with reduced mobility

• You must be punctual with the appointment to avoid crowds, waiting at the door at the marks located on the floor until you are attended by the concierges since there will be a capacity control

• You must come with a mask that covers the nose and mouth, and a pen

• If you cannot keep the appointment, you must cancel through the same phone number

In the event that a digital certificate is available, it is preferable

that the documents be presented electronically.

Those addressed to the Mazarrón City Council can be made through:


Those addressed to the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia:


Those addressed to the rest of the public administrations:


In addition, it is recalled that it must be taken into account that legal persons, entities without legal personality, collegiate professionals, public employees, representatives of legal entities, are  obliged to relate through electronic means to carry out any administrative procedure. obliged subjects and those determined by regulation (article 14.2 of Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations).

Mazarrón Ecoparque Opens

The Mazarrón Ecoparque, located in the Pedreras Viejas area, reopens its doors after the closure motivated by the State of Alarm. The hours are the same as before their temporary closure, that is, from Monday to Friday from 8am-2pm and from 5pm-7pm and Saturdays from 8am-12pm. Due to the health alert, no more than one vehicle may simultaneously stay on the Ecoparque grounds and only two people per vehicle

In addition, the measures regarding physical distance and hygiene recommended by the health authorities and the use of mandatory masks must be respected

In this selective waste collection facility, citizens can deposit free of charge those less common waste, which have no place in the containers installed on public roads. Likewise, shops, offices and services whose

waste production and their nature, can be considered similar to the waste generated in private homes can also use the Ecoparque, free of charge

For more information on the Ecoparque you can go to the following address: http://www.mazarron.es/es/ingenieria-urbana/ecoparque/