Check at your local Tourist Office for full details of Three Kings Parades etc


Tel 968 493 285 – Sat Market

Every Saturday – Antique & Collectable Market near the Railway Station. From 10am

Thursday 2nd January – Concert for the New Year with OSRM@ Infanta Elena Auditorium 9pm 15€

Saturday 4th January – XXVI Cuento de Elsa Navidad @ Infanta Elena Auditorium 6pm 6€

Alhama de Murcia

Tel 968 633 51 – Tues Market

There are some fabulous walks in the Sierra Espuña National Park. 

Go to and click on Paths of Sierra Espuña. You will find full details of all walks available and a map that you can download.

Saturday 4th January – Medieval Mystery Play & Exhibition @ El Berro 


Fuente Alamo

Sat Market

Every WednesdayHacienda del Alamo Women’s Association Coffee Morning @ The Club House 10am-12pm


Tel 968 441 914Thurs Market

Lorca Castle – general entry 6€. Guided Tours available in English for 4€ on Thursdays at 10.30am for 22€ to include lunch, with special packages on Sundays. Check at Tourist Office for full details.

Saturday 4th January – Full day visiting Moorish Lorca 12€

Full details from Tourist Office

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th January – Three Kings Parades etc.

Full details at Tourist Office


Tel 968 594 426 – Sat Market  

Free Guided Tours in Mazarrón area.

Visit the Tourist Office or for full details of all tours.

Environmental Programme ‘To Value The Landscape Of Mazarrón’

This educational project is aimed at students of Infant, Primary, Secondary, Bachelor and FP of Mazarrón to show them the wealth of environmental landscape in the area. In Mazarrón we are fortunate to have very different landscapes from beach areas, cliffs, areas of mines, irrigation, dry land, etc; so it is hoped that the schoolchildren will enjoy the beauty and understand that it is something they have to take care of. 

The project will have 45 routes that will cover from the beaches to the mountains through to archaeological sites. They will embrace beaches such as La Isla or El Mojón and mountains such as Las Herrerías. The initiative involves FACSA, ESAMUR, the Mazarrón Ecopark and the 112 Emergency Coordination Centre. 

Mazarrón Sports Schools

Activities include Mountain Bike, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Beach Volley and are aimed at children and young people between 3 and 18 years and are priced at 75€ for the whole year (except for the two related to water sports taught by Bahía Surf Club and Escuela Grímpola, which cost 100€ and 150€ respectively). The table tennis school is completely free. There are discounts for members of large families and for those who can certify a 33% disability. 

More information at the Town Hall.

Real Madrid Foundation – 7th Year

There are more than 60 places available for children between 5 and 17 years. They have already given almost 500 children from the area the experience of playing football with the Real Madrid camp. Each week, in the municipal sports complex of the Media Legua, sessions are held for minors from the local social services for an education in Values and Sports and Football Training.

Visit the Antonio Paredes Museum which was created as a tribute to so many good people who lost their lives in the mines of Mazarrón.

For more information go to the Tourist Office.

The National Belenes will be exhibited on the ground floor of Casas Consistoriales until Friday January 10th. The exhibition is composed of a collection of various points around Spain of renowned belenismo workshops. Although the Franciscans began to exhibit nativity scenes in the 15th century, it was not until the 18th century that the tradition extended to all homes.  

Open: Mon-Sat 10am-2pm & Thur-Fri 5pm-8pm (Closed January 1st &  6th)

Artist Eduardo Gómez, with a painting depicting the Mansion House of La Cañadica, was the winner of the XVII Outdoor Painting Contest winning 2,500€. 

Saturday 4th JanuaryChildren’s Musical ‘Shert se va de Marcha’ 11am & Children’s Workshops 5pm@ Playa de Ayuntamiento, Mazarrón.

Puerto Lumbreras 

Tel 968 436 153 – Fri Market

Saturdays (6.30pm) & Sundays (11am) discover the historical and patrimonial wealth of Puerto Lumbreras through Medina Nogalte visiting its cave-houses and the Nogalte Castle. From Craftsman workshop cave house, reception of Medina Nogalte. 7pm. 3€ (under 10’s free). Payment due 2 days prior to visit @ ES 12 3058 0204 15 2732000020-City Hall of Puerto Lumbreras.


Tel 968 418 153 – Wed Market/Fri in El Pareton 

Saturdays & Sundays – Guided Visit to La Bastida 3.40€ (2.50€ disc)10am/12pm. Book at Tourist Office 

Saturdays – Guided Visit Museum Of The Tower Of Santiago 10am

The first level hosts the chapter house that refers to the lands of Totana; the Order of Santiago. The second level is the choir of the church, which shows the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the temple and the explanation of its chapels. The next level is known as ‘the bride’s room’, which was the old house of the bell ringer. The fourth level cannot be visited as it contains the current clock. The last level is the bell tower, where the second oldest bell of the Diocese is located, dating from 1470.