Due to the Coronavirus, please check with your local Tourist Office or other contacts for up-to-date information on all events in April.

Aguilas www.aguilas.org Tel 968 493 285 – Sat Market

Every Saturday – Antique & Collectable Market near the Railway Station. From 10am.

Sunday 5th April & 3rd May – Free Theatrical Tour – 10.30am from Tourist Office

Sunday 19th April (Spanish) – Ruta del Ferrocarril (Railway Route)

Sunday 25th April – Obstacle Race

5,000mts for adults & 3,000mts/1,000mts 33€/21€ to include refreshments, t-shirt, goody bag & insurance.  Disco afterwards.

Check at Tourist Office for more details.

Sunday 26th April – Route of Cuatro Calas

Enjoy the natural and cultural values included by the European Commission in the Natura 2000 Network as a place of Community Interest, including the Cañada Brusca Saladar, proposed as a Botanical Micro-Reserve and the volcanic outcrop of Punta Parda which is of Geological Interest. 10am from Calarreona Beach. 4km. 2hrs. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes & hat. Take water, sunscreen and swimwear (in summer!)

Reserve at Tourist Office

Tel 670 307 818

Auditorio Infanta Elena

Friday 24th April – Classical Baroque Concert 9pm 5€

Saturday 25th April – Barber of Seville 9pm

Alhama de Murcia http://turismo.alhamademurcia.es/ Tel 968 633 51 – Tues Market

There are some fabulous walks in the Sierra Espuña National Park.

Go to http://turismo.alhamademurcia.es and click on Paths of Sierra Espuña. You will find full details of all walks available and a map that you can download.

Saturday 4th & Tues 7th April – Free 45min Tour of Los Baños Archaeological Museum 11am

Sunday 19th April – Free Theatrical Tour

Actors characterized as historical figures such as Jaime I El Conquistador and Marqués de los Vélez, will tell how they lived in their respective times whilst visiting the most important cultural points in Calle La Feria, San Lázaro Church, Plaza Vieja, Casa de la Tercia, etc. with entrance to the Archaeological Museum Los Baños.

11am from Tourist Office

Sunday 26th April – Childrens’ Fun Day
Recommended for children from 7 years. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult or legal guardian. Registration at Tourist Office essential. Fun ways to explore the cultural places of Alhama through riddles and clue games to discover the secret of our past. Cancelled if the minimum number of registered people is not reached or adverse weather. 11am at Tourist Office. 90mins.

Fuente Alamo – Sat Market

Every WednesdayHacienda del Alamo Women’s Association Coffee Morning @ The Club House 10am-12pm

Lorca www.lorcaturismo.es Tel 968 441 914Thurs Market

Lorca Castle – general entry 6€. Guided Tours available in English for 4€ on Thursdays at 10.30am for 22€ to include lunch, with special packages Mon-Fri (15€). Check at Tourist Office for full details.

Monday 6th – Friday 10th April – Holy Week Embroidery

Biblical-Passional parades, privative processions, religious acts all impregnated with the Art of Embroidery in silk and gold.This week has been declared of International Tourist Interest since 2007 and Embroidery Art is an official candidate for Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Visit the former Collegiate Church of San Patricio and the brotherhoods Paso Blanco and Paso Azul. 11am for 2½hrs. 7€ for over 13 yrs.

Booking essential at Tourist Office

Saturdays & Sundays – Full day visiting Moorish Lorca 12€

Full details from Tourist Office

Sunday 25th April – Lorca Spring Festival @ Pabellon de Ferias and IFELOR. 7.30pm (music from 9pm)

Friday 3rd/Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th AprilVisit Collegiate Church of San Patricio and its Three Squares

11.30am from Tourist Office. 5€ for over 13yrs. Booking essential

Sunday 12th April – 1hr Free Tour of Historic Lorca 11.30am from Tourist Office

Booking essential

Sunday 26th April – Theatrical Tour 11.30am from Tourist Office

Mazarrón www.mazarron.es Tel 968 594 426 – Sat Market

Free Guided Tours in Mazarrón area.

Visit the Tourist Office or www.visitamazarron.es for full details of all tours.

Mazarrón Sports Schools

Activities including Mountain Bike, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Beach Volley are aimed at children and young people 3-18yrs at 75€ for the whole year (except for Surf Club and Escuela Grímpola, which cost 100€ and 150€ respectively). The table tennis school is completely free. There are discounts for members of large families and for those who can certify a 33% disability.

More information at the Town Hall.

2020 Tax Declarations

Citizens of Mazarrón will be able to present declarations of the Income for 2020 without having the need to travel to Cartagena or Lorca. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in May and June they will be able go to Mazarrón. The Mayor revealed that ‘work is underway to decide in which office will be allocated to the Tax Agency.’

International Women’s Day

María Concepción Ruiz collected her award as ‘Woman Mazarronera 2020’. The distinction recognised her dedication to people with disabilities and her entrepreneurial work to achieve a safe future for children. The tribute took place in the auditorium of the Mazarrón Cultural Centre, enlivened by the Cua Entelequia saxophone quartet. Conchi Ruiz thanked the City Council and the various associations for continuing to bring this recognition to the women of Mazarrón. She pointed out that she will not stop until obtaining a residence for people with disabilities in Mazarrón. Mayor, Gaspar Miras said “There are already 14 women murdered in Spain so far this year, because gender violence is real. That is why our municipality is working to make sure that equality between women and men in Mazarrón is safe.”

Semana Santa

Pascual Sánchez will be the town crier and Rafael Hernández will be the ‘Nazarene of the Year’ for Easter in Mazarrón. The church of San José de Puerto de Mazarrón hosted the presentation of the poster that announces the arrival of Easter which shows La Virgen de las Penas. The poster is the work of Mazarrón photographer Teresa López Acosta and shows the virgin contemplating her crucified son.


Puerto Lumbreras – Tel 968 436 153 – Fri Market

Saturdays (6.30pm) & Sundays (11am) discover the historical and patrimonial wealth of Puerto Lumbreras through Medina Nogalte visiting its cave-houses and the Nogalte Castle. From Craftsman workshop cave house, reception of Medina Nogalte. 7pm. 3€ (under 10’s free). Payment due 2 days prior to visit @ ES 12 3058 0204 15 2732000020-City Hall of Puerto Lumbreras.

Tapas Route until Sunday 5th April. (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Full details at Tourist Office.

3€ for small drink & tapa.

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd May – VI Collectors’ Fair @ Sports Centre

Fri & Sat 10am-9pm/Sun 10am-2.30pm

Totana www.totana.es Tel 968 418 153 – Wed Market/Fri in El Pareton

Saturdays & Sundays – Guided Visit to La Bastida 4€. 10am/12pm. 10 people required for the tour

Right on your doorstep is one the important discoveries in European Prehistory, famously known as the Troy of Murcia.

The historical site of La Bastida was built 4,200 years ago and archaeologists believe that the fortification was designed by people with advanced military knowledge from the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, after a crisis laid waste to their regions 4,300 years ago. Constructed using a design never before seen in the West, the military innovation of the postern gate was not adopted by the Hittites and Mycenaeans until 400 and 800 years after the Murcian fort was built.

Reservations: at Tourist Office in the Balsa Vieja.

Tel 968 418 153 (English speaking)

Email turismo@totana.es

Saturdays – Free Guided Visit Museum Of The Tower Of Santiago 10am

The first level hosts the chapter house that refers to the lands of Totana; the Order of Santiago. The second level is the choir of the church, which shows the Mudejar coffered ceiling of the temple and the explanation of its chapels. The next level is known as ‘the bride’s room’, which was the old house of the bell ringer. The fourth level cannot be visited as it contains the current clock. The last level is the bell tower, where the second oldest bell of the Diocese is located, dating from 1470.