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Cabo de Palos

Market Sun


Tel 968 128 800 – Market Wed

Exhibition El Esparto @ the Municipal Archaeological Museum

Groups seek to vindicate the universal values ​​of culture. This results in the creation of a national poetry prize, Gens Poética, which has Cartagena and Cehegín as the two leading municipalities. 

Until 8th January

Tues-Fri 10am-2pm & 5pm-8pm

Sat & Sun 11am-2pm

Closed Mondays & Holidays

Free Entry

Video creation: Traces in the Sandon the second floor of the Archaeological Museum until 9th January 

The project shows where there was a path created as a notebook on the ground, like the notes of a naturalist: drawing, photographing and editing; mixing the artistic vision and the social, environmental and sustainable sensitivity of the surroundings of the coast of Cartagena.
The video creation is an attempt to analyze between yesterday and today through our interventions and traces in time. 

Free Guided Tour of Roman Amphitheatre @ Cartagena 11am/12.30pm. Bookings at

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd January – Fun & Gamesfor the children 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm in Plaza de España including a Musical at 12.30pm.

Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th January – In Plaza del Icue the Royal Postman will be waiting to receive children’s letters for Three King’s between 11.30am-1.30pm & 5.30-8.30pm.

Monday 2ndQVOCE Concert in Plaza de España 7.30pm.

Tuesday 3rdBelter Soul in Concert in Plaza de España 7.30pm.

Thursday 5thThree King’s Parade starting in Alameda de San Antón6.30pm.

Friday 6thBike Ride starting from Plaza de Espana 9am.

Until Sunday 8th January see the amazingLegoland Villageat El Castillo de Concepciòn, where over 50,000 Lego pieces have been used to construct a Christmas scene. 4€ entry. Open 10am-5.30pm.

XLIX Floral Games of the Campo de Cartagena in La Palma and the XXVIII National Youth Poetry Contest

Registration period open until March 15, 2023. 

There will be a single prize of €1,300 and a Natural Flower will be awarded to the best poetic composition on the single theme ‘El Viaje’ with a minimum length of 75 verses and a maximum of 175. 

XXVIII National Youth Poetry Contest 2023 

12-14 years old. Winner will receive a diploma and 400€.

15-18 years old. Winner will receive a diploma and 600€.

The texts presented, of a creative nature, must be strictly original and unpublished and in Spanish.The theme will be free, with a minimum length of 14 verses and a maximum of 100.

The winning authors will attend a solemn ceremony of the Floral Games, which will be held on 13th May and the winner of each category will read the winning work.

Roman and Mediterranean Cartagena Guided Tour 2½ hrs

7.50€/13€/15€ Spanish & English

More information: 968 500 093

With the help of an audio guide, explore the centre and history of Cartagena at your leisure, visiting the two main archaeological sites of the city, the Roman Theatre Museum and the Molinete Roman Forum Museum, as well as enjoying the beautiful examples of modernism or the military past. 
 Museum of the Roman Theatre, Calle del Aire, Plaza San Francisco, Museum Roman Forum Molinete, Calle Mayor, Naval Museum, port and Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Beginning:  Museum of the Roman Theatre.

In addition to the route, there is the option of renting audio guides at each museum and site in several languages.

La Union

Tel 868 049 941/692 925 970 – Market Tues

Los Alcazares

Market Tues & Sat (Los Narejos)

Every Saturday – Open Market from 10am

40 stalls selling a variety of goods on Paseo Real de la Feria and Calle Los Luisos.

Every Tuesday – Sonrisas Harmony meet every Tuesday @ the Estribor Function Room, Los Alcázares. 10.30am-1.30pm

Every Thursday – Spangles Ladies A Capella Chorus Rehearsals @ Los Narejos 10am-1pm

There is lots going on at Plaza Manuel Floreal. On Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd January the little ones can drop their letters for Three King’s between 5pm and 7pm, where there are also workshops taking place.

Wednesday 4th JanuaryLive Music for the little ones at 12pm and workshops from 5pm-7pm, when the letters will be collected by the Royal Messenger.

Thursday 5th JanuaryThree King’s Parade starting in Carril de las Palmeras 5pm.

Until Sunday 8th January visit the Christmas Market.

San Javier

Tel 968 172 041 – Market Wed & Thurs

Every Monday – HAH Help at Home Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar 10am-1pm

Every Monday – Friendship Group @ The Garden Bar & Lounge 11am

Every Tuesday & Thursday – San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field, PDM Sports Ground. 12-18 year olds 7.30-9pm. Men 8.30-10.30pm. Women 10-11.30pm. 

Every Thursday – San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field, PDM Sports Ground. 6-10 year olds. 6-7pm

Every Saturday – San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field, PDM Sports Ground. 6-10 year olds. 10-11am

Aeronautical Museum – Visit this museum with photographs and videos showing various items relating to the Spanish Military Air Force.

Entrance free.

Open 10am-2pm

Call 968 582 107 to arrange group visits

Santiago de Ribera

Tel 968 571 704 – Market Wed

San Pedro del Pinatar

Tel 968 182 301 – Market Mon & Thurs (Lo Pagan)

Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th January – The little ones can drop their letters for Three King’s from 5.30-7.30pm at Plaza de la Constitución.

Monday 2nd January 5.30pm Children’s Musical @ Plaza de la Constitución 

Tuesday 3rdMulti Adventure Park including a giant giraffe slide and mini bike circuit @ the fairground. 12-2pm and 5-8pm.

Wednesday 4th January 5.30pm Children’s Musical @ the fairground.

Thursday 5thThree Kings arrive by boat at Lo Pagan at 6pm, followed by the Parade

Torre Pacheco

Tel 968 579 937 – Market Thurs (Balsicas) & Sat (Dolores)