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Carnival in Cartagena

17th – 28th February

Let’s Go to the Snow

This is aimed at people between 14 & 35 years (minors must be accompanied) for a day of Skiingor Snowboarding in Sierra Nevada, with equipment and pass included. 65€ pp on Saturday February 8th and March 7th

The winter programme will also feature a Weekend Trip to Sierra Nevada including half board, equipment & ski pass. 219€ pp from February 15th17th.

For those looking to enjoy the snow in a different way, there is a day in Borreguiles, Sierra Nevada, where you can enjoy a combination of activities, with slides, donuts and sleds on Saturday February 22nd.  30€ pp.

All activities, transfers and travel insurance included. Prior registration that can be done at the Department of Youth. For more information call 968 128 862 or email to 

XXIII String and Brass Competition byDepartment of Youth and the Conservatory of Music of CartagenaDepartment of Youth will be held on April 30th in the Isidoro Máiquez Hall of the Auditorium and Congress Hall El Batel.

ExhibitionSensations We Are Nature by Margarita Ariza Copado

At Palacio Consistorial until March 1st.

The exhibition goes into feelings of the human being in Nature. It values the instinctive, the animality of our species, pleasure, love and the desire to return to the natural environment. It also addresses Earth’s vulnerability, as part of the principle that everything is born and dies in it. It shows Nature as the source from which all the senses drink and to which we always want to return. It also reflects the blindness of today’s man who, away from the natural environment, enters a spiral of loss and dissatisfaction. Create emotional awareness through sensations: touching the grass, tasting landscapes and listening to sounds that make us feel who we are and be part of the whole. Nature is our ally, it offers us freedom.

The exhibition consists of four installations, five sculptures and a table-cabinet with images of objects: earth, stones, wood, straw and cloth. There are also trunks and branches that come from maintaining forests.

Open: Mon (when cruise ships in)-Fri 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-7pm

Sat 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-8pm

Sun & fiestas 10am-1.30pm

Exhibition – the African Ritual Sculpture is exhibited in the Bambara Art Gallery until April 8th.

The primary function of ritual art in the African continent is to reaffirm the truth and the presence of spirituality in all facets of human life. All the force of that emotion is reflected in the cults destined to establish a constant and direct relationship between the inhabitants of the earth and the Creator. The works of African ritual art are elegant and powerful, conceptual and pure, elaborate and timeless, complex and tense. They highlight its beauty, its simplicity, its energy and its philosophical dimension. 

Open: Tues-Fri 5pm-8pm 

Auditorium El Batel de Cartagena 
Tickets can be purchased both at the box office and on the auditorium website .

Sunday 9th FebruarySerafin Zubiri in concert with Agrupacion Musical Sauces to remember Nino Bravo, one of the most recognized Spanish artistes of the 20th century. This concert is also to raise the necessary funds for the group to participate in the Lecco Band Festival in Italy. 7pm. 15€ & 25€

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th February -musical‘Jekyll & Hyde’ offers extraordinary musical intrigue that delves into the primary duality of man and the struggle between reason and instinct, between good and evil that inhabits each one of us. 4.30pm

Saturday 15th
(5pm) & Sunday 16th (12pm) February – musical ‘Annie’, a spectacular production of the successful Broadway musical, which returns with a formula never seen before in Spain, but in which its unforgettable melodies should not be missing, including ‘Tomorrow’. A show for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Saturday 14th March – Freddie Mercury supporters are in luck because to close the programme, they will enjoy ‘Rhapsody of Queen’; a new international show with Queen’s best known songs, with four international singers, a great rock band and powerful staging. The public will undoubtedly enter a new dimension full of magic that they will never forget.

El Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena
More information and purchase of tickets go to

Friday 7th February – the laughs will return with Santi Rodríguez who will present ‘Infarction. Don’t go to the Light!’ a show based on the personal experience of the comedian when he suffered a heart attack to have the sense of humour that characterizes him in a hospital nightgown.

Saturday 8th February – more humour with Pantomima Full. In his head it was spectacular with this comic duo acting the stories of Roger Bodegas and Alberto Casado mocking the stereotypes of society.

Friday 27th March – Life is Rocanrol. The last monologue of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez since he decided to go on stage without his band, ‘Los Mojinos Escozíos’. He tells how at the end of a concert of his band, he enters his dressing room reeking of Rock and Roll. While he removes his leopard rags and rusty necklaces, he not only undresses on the outside, but he also undresses in body and soul and confesses how hard it is to live being a rocker. What does his mother think of his hair, his clothes and his tattoos? How does a guy who has a group educate his children? What does a Rock Star do when it’s time to be president of his neighbourhood community? These and many other questions to be resolved. 

X Municipal Campaign ‘Let’s Go To The Theatre’ @ Ramón Alonso Luzzy

February 4thStop the War that I want to get off: Primary 8-11yrs.

March 3rdComesueños: Infant 3-5 years and Primary 6-7 years

March 31stIn case of harassment (a respect): Secondary 12-15yrs and Baccalaureate.

April 21stThe cloud that didn’t want to rain: Primary 8-11yrs

April 30thWhen Dr Jekyll met Mr Hyde: Elementary 8-11yrs @ Municipal Auditorium and Congress Centre, El Batel

February 27thHansel and Gretel: Infant 3-5yrs & Primary 6-7yrs

March 10thThe great game of Verdi: Primary 8-11yrs

April 29thEliakan, the nosy Elephant: 3-5yrs and Primary 6-7yrs

April 30thThe last crazy adventure of Holmes: Secondary 12-15yrs

Tickets 3.50€

Book at 

Tel 968 128 800 ext. 7055


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San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field,PDM Sports Ground

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Every MondayHAH Help at Home Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar 10am-1pm

Every Monday – Friendship Group @ The Garden Bar & Lounge 11am

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Every Tuesday in February at 5pm – Guided Tour of Another Planet Brewing 10€ to include tastings. Booking essential on 664 694 344