Cabo de Palos

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Exhibitions at Museum of the Roman Theatre:

Guided Route: Cartagena Under The Pumps Of Hitler 11.30am 10€ (5€ Club Cartagena Port of Cultures)

Interesting route explaining the armament used by the Republican side and National side from Italy, Germany and Russia on Spanish soil.  See weapons and gas masks from Europe and Russia.  This route will go through the Refugio galleries and the great rooms of the Historical Military Museum.  The route ends with a gastronomic tasting. 

PlastiHistoria de la Música (until 17th February)

The Municipal Archaeological Museum ‘Enrique Escudero de Castro’ shows the History of Music through the exhibition Plastihistoria, which tells the evolution of this art through plasticine recreations such as Flamenco and Zarzuela and the evolution of music in theatre and cinema especially composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. 

Art Exhibition Eunoia La Cara B Brushstrokes by the artist Javier Lorente at Cartagena Town Hall (until 22nd February) 

Tues-Fri 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-7pm

Sat 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-8pm

Sun 10am-1.30pm 

Isidoro Máiquez Amateur Theatre Competition (until 28th February)

The groups must send a DVD to  Five entries will be awarded 500€ and they will be shown in the assembly hall of the Neighborhood Association of the Concepción District from 22nd – 28th April.  The prizes will be for best actress, best actor, best supporting actress, best supporting actor, best staging and best direction.

XXVIII Poetry Contest of the Centre for Women & XXII Painting Contest Angel Flores (until 9th March)

The Poetry Competition is open to those who have not published a book of poetry. The deadline is February 25th 2019.

The Painting Competition is aimed at people over 18 years residing in the Region of Murcia, using any pictorial technique in full colour. Each entrant may submit up to three works before the deadline of 4th March 2019.

1st prize 300€ and 2nd prize 150€ and trophy for both competitions.  The winners will be announced on March 9th at 8.30pm, at the Social Centre, Urbanization Mediterranean. 

Trinidad García 3rd Children’s Drawing Contest (until 29th March)

The theme is the natural region of Campo de Cartagena, ‘Our Field’.  This will bring together more than 1,400 drawings. Children can sign up through email or school.  Participants can choose prizes ranging from laptops, tablets, drawing materials, painting and crafts, sound equipment and excursions.  The prizes will be awarded in several categories: collective, individual and special and will be presented on April 28th.  

Sunday 10th February – Ella Artistas @ El Batel, Cartagena 7pm 8€/10€

Benefit Concert with 13 great women in music, painting, writing, acting and dancing.  Organised by the Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue of Cartagena (Afibrocar) and the Association of Aid and Research of Personality Disorders in Cartagena Comarca and Mar Menor. Also exhibition of paintings by Juana Sánchez, choreographies by the Ana López Dance School and the Carmen Romero Dance Academy and aerial dance in fabrics with Natividad Guerrero who will accompany some of the singers in their performances.

Sunday 17th February – Peter Pan @ El Batel, Cartagena 5pm 18€/20€/25€

Saturday 23rd February – Hip Hop Sinfonico @ El Batel, Cartagena 9.30pm Free

Concert series of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia in El Batel, Cartagena

Friday 15th FebruaryDirector Virginia Martinez will lead the American Music with Valencian clarinettist José Franch-Ballester – Concert for Clarinet and Orchestra of Corigliano/An American in Paris by Gershwin/Divertimento for Orchestra by Bernstein. 12€

Sunday 12th May – Violinists Laura Rodriguez & Isabel Villanueva – Sinfonia Concertante for Violin & Viola by Mozart. The Orchestra with conductor Virginia Martinez will close concert with Symphony No 104 ‘London’ by Hayden.

Thursday 23rd May – The Orchestra and Pianist Joaquin Achucarro – Concerto for Piano & Orchestra by Grieg. The concert will end with poems Mi Patria by Smetana.

Tickets 12€ or 30€ for all 4 concerts from box office or tel 968 123 827

Winter Programme at Teatro Circo Apolo, El Algar

Saturday 2nd February – Rapunzel 6pm

Saturday 9th February – Orlando by Virginia Wolfe 9.30pm

Saturday 23rd February – Ramil y Una Noches 9.30pm

Saturday 9th March – Trouper’s Swing Band 9.30pm

Saturday 16th March – La Bella 7pm
Tickets from, the box office on Wed 6pm-8pm or call 902 646 289

La Union
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Los Alcazares

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San Javier
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San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field,PDM Sports Ground

Men Tues & Thurs 8.30-10.30pm

Women Tues & Thurs 10.00-11.30pm

12-18yrs Tues & Thurs 7.30-9.00pm

6-10yrs Thurs 6pm-7pm & Sat 10am-11am

San Javier and Santiago de Ribera

Santiago de Ribera – 968 571 704 – Market Wed

San Pedro del Pinatar
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Torre Pacheco
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Sunday 24th February – Discover Sima De La Palomas Del Cabezo 3€

La Sima de las Palomas is located on the southern slope of Cabezo Gordo, the only mountainous elevation in the municipality of Torre Pacheco and 
a historical reference for navigators and residents of the Campo de Cartagena.  In 1991 the chance finding of the jaws joined with the jaw of a Neanderthal, launched the scientific excavation in the Sima de las Palomas, the site of the most important Neanderthal Man in the Spanish Mediterranean. 

La Sima de las Palomas, which will be 
explained by the team of archaeologists.

Cave of the foot of the Giant; Account Neanderthal Tales

Water Cave, ancient mine with a natural water lagoon where bats currently live. 

From the Tourist Information Point where you will be provided with a sticker to establish the groups in order of arrival (Red, Yellow and Green). 3 groups of 50 people will be entered at 11am/11.20am/11.40am.

Meet at southern slope of Cabezo Gordo. Wear comfortable footwear, hat, sunscreen, water and torch.
Bring your camera and participate in the photography competition ‘El Cabezo Gordo Descúbrelo’ and win a day as an archaeologist in Sima de las Palomas. During the day you can buy sandwiches, soft drinks, craft beer, etc.