Due to the restrictions for COVID-19, many of the usual events in the area have been cancelled or changed. Street Markets have been reinstated with the usual conditions such as keeping social distancing and the wearing of masks.  Please adhere to these conditions for everyone’s safety. Check at Tourist Offices to confirm that events are still taking place.

Cabo de Palos

Market Sunday



Tel 968 128 800 – Market Wed

Willy Ramos River of Flowers Exhibition (until September 28th) @ Cartagena City Hall

Childhood, flowers and the river are the themes that flood the large-format paintings of the Colombian painter, now settled in Spain. Willy Ramos returns to Cartagena bringing with him his landscapes of vibrant colours. The exhibition is commissioned by Carmen Ramos Cano, the painter’s daughter. Willy Ramos transfers to his creations the wild exuberance of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a sacred place in Arhuaco in Colombia, which he abandoned in his teens.

Open: Tues-Sat 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-7pm (8pm Sat)

Sun and holidays 10am-1.30pm

Call For Artists and Projects For Their Exhibition Halls – the City Hall, Byzantine Wall, Molina Palace and the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Centre

Local, national and international artists who wish to exhibit their projects in Cartagena must present them and the documentation requested to the Town Hall on Calle San Miguel, or email ccultura@ayto-cartagena.es

Music Festival 2020

You can participate either as a member of a musical group or as a soloist. It is aimed at young people 16-35yrs who were born in Cartagena or who are residing in the city. 1st prize – recording, mixing and mastering of a single in addition to its musical production. 2nd prize – the availability of one of the rehearsal rooms in the Youth Centre of Canteras and both winners will be invited to participate in the Music Festival 2021.

Submission period will end on August 23rd 2020. To participate, the projects will be presented, along with the corresponding documentation, in person at the Department of Youth of Cartagena (Paseo de Alfonso XIII, nº 51), by calling 968 128 862 or through the website juventud.cartagena.es

Guided Routes

Cartagena Puerto de Culturas & the Roman Theatre, together with the Cartagena City Council announced a summer full of activities, ranging from guided and dramatized routes, children’s and family activities and the outstanding and exclusive night-time activities. There will be the necessary security measures to guarantee social distancing with gel stations and mandatory use of a mask.

Towards sunset, sites such as the Barrio del Foro and the Teatro Romano become magical and special places to discover. The red sunsets of the Mediterranean take centre stage and visitors can enjoy boat trips at sunset accompanied by live music. On this occasion we will fall in love with the talent of the Cartagena musician Rubén (Río Viré).

Cartagena Under the Condor Legion
Find out how civilians and the military were protected in air raid shelters and how both sides defended themselves with artillery and tanks during the Civil War.

Route: Refuge Museum of the Civil War and Military Historical Museum.
Mondays during August. 11am from the Civil War Shelter Museum.
Price: €10 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €5).

Citizens of An Empire

Learn how a citizen of the Empire lived in Carthago Nova, in public and private buildings.

Route: Museum of the Roman Theatre, Barrio del Foro Romano and Casa de la Fortuna.

Tuesdays in August & September 1st. 11am from the Roman Theatre Museum.
Price: €13 (reduced €10 & Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6.50).

The Route of the 4 Temples

Discover the magical meaning of the temples and their hills. From the capitoline triad of the Roman Theatre to the most eastern temples such as Astarté or the Sanctuary of Isis and Serapis, to end in the temple dedicated to the cult of the emperor.

Route: Museum of the Roman Theatre, Neighborhood of the Roman Forum and Augusteum.

Wednesdays in August and September 2nd. 11am from the Roman Theatre Museum.

Price: €13 (reduced €10 & Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6.50).

Asclepius, 2,000 Years of a Hill

A route to discover the cultures and civilizations of Cartagena from the earliest times and obtain the best panoramic views. Get to know the Roman urban planning, the medieval heritage and the port as the protagonist of Cartagena.

Route: Panoramic Elevator, Concepción Castle and Roman Theater Museum.
Thursdays in August and September 3rd. 11am from the Panoramic Elevator.
Price €13 (reduced €10 & Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6.50).

From Qart Hadast to Carthago Nova
Relive the Punic Wars, with the founding of the Carthaginian city and the splendour of the Roman city.

Route: Punic Wall, Casa de la Fortuna and Roman Theatre Museum.

Fridays in August and September 4th.

11am from the Punic Wall.

Price: €13 (reduced €10 & Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6.50).

Special Theatre Visits

Romans around the World: Carthago Nova destination. Dramatized

A dramatized route full of humour where you will tour the most important sites, meeting different characters who will tell us how life has gone in Carthago Nova.
Route: Museum of the Roman Theatre and Barrio del Foro.

Saturdays in August. 11.30am from the Roman Theatre Museum.

Price: €14 (Cartagena Club Puerto de Culturas €7).

Pirate Adventure – Dramatized Family Route

An exciting route, with fun songs, where children can join a boat and sail the seas with the pirate John Saparragus. In their adventure they will learn the secrets that the Christmas Fort keeps, through games and riddles

Route: Tourist Boat and Christmas Fort.

Fridays in August. 5.30pm from the Royal Port Scale.

Price: €12 (reduced €10 & Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6).

Back to the past – Guided tour with virtual reality.

See the Roman buildings of the 1st century AD recreated virtually on tablets, giving them their daily life; ceremonies in the sanctuary, bathing in the cold room of the thermal baths or banqueting in the building of the atrium.

6pm at Roman Forum neighbourhood.
Wednesdays in August and September 2nd.

Price: €8.

Theatrum, An Afternoon Of Theatre. Family Visit Family

This activity will show you what the show buildings were like in the Roman Empire.

6.30pm at Museum of the Roman Theatre.
Tuesdays & Thursdays in August
Price: €4 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €2).

Night Activities

Isis, The Goddess Of The Nile. Dramatized Visit At Night

The Roman priest Apuleius will immerse you in the mystery rituals of the goddess Isis.

9pm at Roman Forum neighbourhood.
Friday August 14th & 28th

Price: €12 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6).

Aulaeum, Down The Curtain. Dramatized Night Tour

Hand in hand with the Roman architect Vitruvio, you will discover the Roman Theatre with a final performance.
9pm at Museum of the Roman Theatre.
Saturday August 15th & 22nd & September 5th

Price: €12 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6).

The Theatre Under the Moonlight. Night guided tour

An exclusive visit that will show the Carthago Nova theatre in the moonlight.

9pm at Museum of the Roman Theatre.
Saturday August 1st, 8th & 29th & September 12th

Price: €10 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €5).

Music at Sunset from the Sea – Boat trip with live music

Evocative boat trip to contemplate the sunset, enlivened with live music, by the artist from Cartagena Río Viré.

9pm at Tourist Boat Royal Port Scale.
Thursday/Friday August 6th, 7th, 13th, 20th, 21st & 27th

Price: €12 (Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas €6.

El Batel Municipal Auditorium and Conference Centre has opened a new outdoor space to hold shows. La Terraza de La Muralla has a new programme of the XtraordinaryNights of ElBatel, most of which will have a double programme at very affordable prices.

The programme will be adapting to the current situation of COVID-19 and will have numbered seats that will allow social distancing and will be adapted to the capacity allowed in the different phases of the de-escalation.

Saturday August 1st – Cartagena groups Ayoho and Arde Bogotá.

Ayoho won the II Vodafone Yu Music Talent with more than 1,100 artistes with their sound oscillating between catchy and contemporary urban pop and acoustic elegance.

Arde Bogotáis is an emerging band from Cartagena. The powerful and ragged voice of vocalist Antonio García will perform songs that speak of love, youth and the future.

Saturday August 8th – the performance of Fernando Rubio will open the extraordinary night that will be completed with the live music of The Marañones

Friday August 14thThe Red Room will take to the stage. The veteran band has been an essential part of any festival worth its salt in the last two decades. The Valencian quartet celebrates their 25th anniversary and their theme arises from a moving story that tells of Whitney Dafoe, a young American who is severely ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has been confined to his room for years.

Saturday August 22ndSoleá Morente, daughter of Enrique Morente and Bailaora Aurora Carbonell, will perform Flamenco. Soleá does not consider herself a cantaora and has found her own niche as she combines pop and Flamenco.

Saturday August 29thMaría de Juan, daughter of the actor from Cartagena Jorge de Juan, will present her first work called 24/7, which was released in February and was produced by Manuel Cabezalí in which the singer and keyboard player Víctor Cabezuelo, leader of the band Rufus T Firefly participated.  MAVICA, the name by which the singer and songwriter Marta Casanova, originally from Cartagena is known on stage will then perform.

Saturday September 5th – Sen Serna + DJ, will present Sensations, an album that comes as the turning point in the career of an artiste.

All concerts will be at 10pm. Prices 10€-15€. Tickets from the auditorium box office, from Monday to Saturday 9.30am-1.30pm, in the New Circus Theatre, from Monday to Friday 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm, or go to www.auditorioelbatel.es   

La Union


Tel 868 049 941/692 925 970 – Market Tues

Los Alcazares

Market Tues & Sat Los Narejos

Friday & Saturday Nights in August – Open Air Cinema (in Spanish) 10pm @ Polideportivo.  Booking essential. Email cultura@losalcazares.es

San Javier


Tel 968 172 041 – Market Wed & Thurs

San Javier Squalos Rugby @ Rugby field, PDM Sports Ground

Men Tues & Thurs 8.30-10.30pm

Women Tues & Thurs 10.00-11.30pm

12-18yrs Tues & Thurs 7.30-9.00pm

6-10yrs Thurs 6pm-7pm & Sat 10am-11am

Every Monday – HAH Help at Home Table Top Sale @ La Zona Bar 10am-1pm

Every Monday – Friendship Group @ The Garden Bar & Lounge 11am

Santiago de Ribera

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San Pedro del Pinatar


Tel 968 182 301 – Market Mon & Thurs Lo Pagan

Sunday 2nd August – Free 3hr Full Moon Walk between the waters of the Mar Menor and the salt ponds at Playa de Punta de Algas. 8pm from Molino de Quintín, north of Calle Campoamor. 9km. It is essential to provide your own mask and as a recommendation to have hydroalcoholic gel. It is your responsibility to respect the minimum safety distance of 2 metres (this distance does not affect members of the same family unit). Max 15 people.  Please wear comfortable shoes, inconspicuous clothing, mosquito repellent and take a snack and water.

Thursday Nights in August – Movies in Your Car (5€ per car) (in Spanish) @ Recinta Ferial 10pm. Booking on 607 155 919

August 6thMascotas 2

August 13thFast & Furious

August 20thPadre No Hay Más Que Uno

August 28th – La La Land

Torre Pacheco www.torrepacheco.es – Tel 968 579 937 – Market Mon Roldan, Thurs Balsicas & Sat Dolores & Torre Pacheco