by Furniture Plus

We have listened to our customers problems and have lived here ourselves for 6 years, so we hope these tips will help you in making the right choice when purchasing your goods.


You don’t have to buy your furniture through the developer or selling agent. Don’t be rushed into buying. This is a mistake and can cost you money by having to replace what you don’t like in your package at a later date. SHOW HOUSES can look nicely presented, but that does not mean you get the same quality, durable, comfortable furniture that you require. As a customer you deserve value for money. This does not mean you have to buy the most expensive range in furniture to achieve this.


When buying for your property, sit on the sofas, lay on the mattresses, check the household packages are durable, not all plastic and poor quality. Make sure the linen is of good quality, pillows are washable, mattress protectors don’t have plastic in them; just cotton, or people will not use them. The Spanish pillows and bolsters are not comfortable, but you can get English ones here. Buy solid furniture that can be easily cleaned, repaired or replaced. Look at chair, table, and beds legs. Are they strong enough for the job?


Try not to think plastic table and chairs, because the sun does degrade them and you could end up buying more the following year. Many accidents have happened with plastic chairs as they weaken in the heat and break. You will use your outdoor furniture more here than England. We encourage coated Aluminium or coated Steel patio furniture. It does last longer and cleaning it is so much easier. If you get your chair backs and seats in a Textilen material you will not need cushions. It also helps stop you sweating, as this material is breathable and only needs hosing down or rising off.


When buying your parasol base, get a heavy one of at least 30 kilos made of stone or concrete. As for the parasol itself, don’t buy wood as the supports break when blown over. Never put you your parasol in the table holder. One strong gust of wind and you have everything crashing to the floor and what a waste of good wine! Another tip; when not using your parasol, take it down as we do get a lot of unexpected gusts of wind.


DO NOT USE GLASSES NEAR YOUR POOL. If a glass gets dropped by a pool it will scatter and slide a long way over the tiles; the same indoors. If some should go into your pool the only safe way is to empty it to get the glass out. You can’t see broken glass in water. Buy plastic glasses and plates etc for the pool area. It will save you money in the end and not spoil your holiday or party.