Happy New Year!

2023 Promises to be an exciting year for the Sector D Gardening Team as it grows and develops. Firstly through its work on maintaining the gardens, verges and central reservations and secondly, by delivering landscaping and general improvements to improve the environment on Camposol D.

I think you will agree that the hard work of the team pays off, from the trimming of the palm trees on Covachos, roundabouts and triangle areas, to the maintenance of the verges and garden areas. This work sometimes goes unseen, but is necessary to maintain the upkeep and appearance of the green environment. The team has expanded and the New Year will see around 10 volunteers working every Wednesday morning on upkeep.

An exciting series of projects have been developed, building on the landscaping of the Memorial Cross banking and bin refurbishment project on Esparraguera. This will include new bin refurbishments, completion of the banking behind the Sector D sign and creation of a fenced green waste area. One project is special and this will be the creation of a concrete path for Age Concern. This will aid access to the building and garden area – a great example of working across the whole of Camposol.

Let us not forget 2022 and the team. Sector D volunteers, plus residents around the main roundabout on Covachos/Piteras installed lights on the triangle roundabout leading to the Church, Sector D hut and roundabout. I think you will agree that the displays looked fantastic and created a real Christmas feel.

All of the above is made possible by your donations to the Sector D Community and Garden Group, which enable the Group to invest in the above good works, so thank you and have a Great New-Year.